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No description

John Cushing

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Space:

But John, why would
you ever want to do
something like that?
Short-Term Goals
Aerospace Engineering
-Continue to not fail out of high school
-Graduate with good grades
-Pass the physics and calculus AP tests
-Get out my college applications
-CU Boulder
-Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
-Apply for scholarships
Starting College
College: The fun part
-These will be major classes
getting into engineering
school, getting ahead could
cut the cost of college.
John Cushing
I should really get Powerpoint...
-Well, space is cool.
-Rocket Science sounded a lot
easier than Brain Surgery.
-I have the skills that apply, I'm good at math and spacial thinking.
-I've been interested in space my whole life, and aerospace engineers are the ones who make it accessible.
-Space is our newest frontier,
the most extreme environment we have to explore. It holds the most challenge.
-The challenges in space drive us to produce new technologies.
Re-take the ACT, try and push my score as high as possible for scholarships.
-Physics and Calculus (I couldn't find out if my schools of choice take the AP credits, some colleges don't)
-Freshman Year
-Core English and Social studies classes.
Requirements from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's BS in Aerospace Engineering.
-Digital Circuit Design
-Engineering Economics
-College success (Study Skills)
-Sophomore Year
-More Physics
-Calculus and Matrix math
-Solid and Fluid Mechanics
-Computing and Computer Aided Design
-Technical Writing
Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing
-Wernher Von Braun
-Junior Year
-Senior Year
-Aeronautical and Astronautical focuses split off
-Space Mechanics
-Aerospace Structures
-System Engineering
and control
-Electrical Engineering
-Materials Engineering
-Space Propulsion
-Aerospace structures and Interments.
-Technical Communication
-Spacecraft Design
Mid-Term Goals
-Get good grades throughout College
-Get internships
-NASA at Johnson Space Center
-Lockheed Martin
-Planetary Resources
-Find a job with NASA
or in the private space
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After College
-By now I'll hopefully have a job
-According to the BLS, an average
(not entry level) Aerospace engineer made $97,000 in 2010
-I'll either get a job at NASA doing Astrodynamics, planning orbits and mapping where a spacecraft will go....
-Or in the growing private Space industry
The Expanding Space Industry
-Even during the recent economic crisis, SpaceX and other space companies experienced growth in satellite launches.
-With the Falloff of the U.S. Government's involvement in space, need for private access to Earth orbit for satellites and people is growing.
-Some companies, like Planetary Resources and Mars One plan to go beyond
-Planetary Resources plans to observe and mine near Earth asteroids
-Mars One is looking even farther than that, planning to establish a manned Mars colony
-As technology advances and the Earth runs out of resources, space is the next natural step
-There are a lot of places I can go with an Aerospace degree.
Long Term Goals
-Generally, just be involved in the future of spaceflight
-Get astronauts and equipment where they need to be
-Help advance humans out into space
-Eventually go back to school for my Masters degree
Into The Future
-With a Masters degree in Aerospace, I can move more into research positions
-I'll have access to higher level jobs
-From here, I can move into teaching, or work in a laboratory developing new technologies. These decisions, I'm largely leaving for the future.
Le Space Fin
-Further explore our solar system
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