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Popular Youtubers

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Nadia Scharpf

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Popular Youtubers

Popular Youtubers
#1. Jenna Marbles
#2: Ryan Higa
Lets people create and watch videos
Founded February 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim
Has been owned by Google since 2006
Over 6 billion hours of video watched each month on YouTube
More than 1 billion users on Youtube
I sent out a survey out to the I.S. asking two questions:
1: Who are your top five favorite Youtubers?
2: How much time do you spend on Youtube per week?
There were a lot of different results!
Real name= Jenna Mourey
Lives in California currently
13 million subscribers
Born and raised in New York
Went to Suffolk University
Later went to Boston University
Has two dogs: Kermit and Marbles
Over one billion video views
How She Became Famous
Her first popular video= "How to Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking".
Confidence and a great sense of humor
Featured in New York Times and ABC News
Been in Youtube's annual Rewind videos
I got 63 responses! 130 channels were mentioned! Here are a few:
Connor Franta
Bethany Mota
Jenna Marbles
Ryan Higa
Troye Sivan
Tyler Oakley
I narrowed down all these channels down to the top five that got the most votes...
Jenna won by a lot!
Over 12 million subscribers
Born in Hilo, Hawaii
Older Brother=lots of fighting
Competed in Judo, a Japanese martial art, and had a black belt
#3: Tyler Oakley
How He Became Famous
Made videos in high school with his friend Sean and created a channel in 2006
3 million subscribers by 2010
Ryan was bullied during his childhood, so he turned to Youtube to express his creativity
Facts/Early Life
Parents got divorced when he was little
Had an eating disorder when he was in middle school
Did theater, choir, and yearbook in high school
Went to Michigan State University
How he Became Famous
Started making Youtube videos for old high school friends
100 views=he was surprised
Realized Youtube was what he loves to do when he moved to San Francisco
Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings)
How She Became Famous
Miranda Sings was created in 2008
Over 1 million subscribers
Bad singing voice, which makes the videos funny
A lot of acting!
Miranda is "self-obsessed and immune to criticism" -The Times
Miranda's trademark is super red lipstick all around her lips
Went to Azusa Pacific University
Knew a lot of cocky girls embarrassing themselves on Youtube
Made fun of them by making her own character like them
First popular video in March 2009 called "Free Voice Lesson".
Bethany Mota
Homeschooled until third grade and went to public school
Notmany friends in middle school,
Back to homeschool
Dance, acting, and singing classes and was in a musical while homeschooled
Cyberbullied by someone so she developed an eating disorder and anxiety
Turned to Youtube
How She Became Famous
Started watching a lot of beauty/makeup videos on Youtube
Made her own!
Now she has 6 million subscribers!
Line of clothing at Aeropostale
Here is a video that I made by editing some clips from some videos of the people you just learned about and combining them.
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