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The Astronomy Masterclass. (No Commentary Version)

This Prezi is the backdrop to a 6 hour masterclass in astronomy aimed at able 16 yr olds. It won the TES teaching resource the year award in 2011.

Andrew Jackson

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of The Astronomy Masterclass. (No Commentary Version)

Astronomy Masterclass It's full of stars – Session 1 From the Earth to the Moon – Session 2 Celestial Wanderers – Session 3 "Recreating" the Big Bang - Session 4 88 Miles per Hour! - Session 5 Alien Life – Session 6 So what can we expect to see? Why won't we be able to see most of the pretty stuff? What will we realistically be able to see? The Moon Saturn Stars So how do you know where to look? The Past The Pyramids of Egypt Stonehenge Aristarchus Eugene Shoemaker (1928-1997) Middle Ages Ranger 7 - 1964 Luna 9 - 1966 Gemini - 1962-6
Re-Entry Want to have fun? Come over to my house. You stand in the back yard, I'll stand in the front, you throw a tennis ball over my roof and I'll try to hit it with a rock as it comes sailing over. That's what we're going to have to do. Apollo 1
Gus Grissom
Ed White
Roger Chaffee Friday, 27 January 1967 Apollo 7 Apollo 8 - Dec 1968 Apollo 9 Apollo 10
Charlie Brown and Snoopy Apollo 12
Intrepid and
Yankee Clipper Whoopee! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but it's a long one for me Only 12 people have stood on the surface of the moon.
The last footprints were left many decades ago. The Future An Introduction to Practical Astronomy Use a telescope
Be able to aim a telescope
Be able to set up a telescope
Understand how it works Invented by Hans Lippershey
He got no credit for it – Galileo Galilei “invented” it 1 year later and got the credit for it.
Worked on the basis of two lenses. The telescopes are VERY delicate and expensive pieces of equipment.

So please be careful when using them! Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune C.E.R.N. The big bang is often misunderstood... Deep underground near the city of Geneva there is a very very big experiment aimed at solving some of the biggest questions in physics. The gas giant planets are not as interesting as the smaller rocky bodies of the solar system. Mimas - Saturnian System Canada - Earth The far side of the moon Tycho Crater Olympus Mons - Mars Io Europa Titan - Saturnian System Venus Venus Mercury Heinrich Olbers Why are we not blinded by the light from all the stars??! Hubble's data proved that the universe was expanding - and an expanding finite universe must have a beginning. What was it like
at the start? Energy IS Mass Stuff IS Energy As far as physics is concerned there is no difference between Light, Heat, Tables, Books, Cars and Energy To find out what it was like at the start of the universe - we need to replicate the extremly high energy/mass densities. The standard model Electron Neutron Proton Neutrino Up and Down Quarks Every Particle has an Anti Particle Why don’t we understand everything? I thought scientists were clever. Black Holes Time Travel String Theory General Relativity Quantum Mechanics Space-Time So why don’t we understand everything yet? 2 4 6 8 10 11 Our best theories are only approximations to the truth…

For example in chemistry… Models are used in cosmology too, and sometimes we find things that our current models cant explain. According to current models - the Universe should not exist. To understand why we need rewind to 1880… Lord Kelvin There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement X-rays will prove to be a hoax Radio has no future I can state flatly that heavier than air flying machines are impossible Relativity - The story of the BIG and FAST As you watch someone move fast you see time go slowly for them The same is also true of gravity – if you see someone in a strong gravity field then you will see time appear to move slowly for them. Black Holes In the universe the concept of TIME as we understand it means very little at all! Niels Bohr Albert Einstein Quantum Mechanics The Story of the SMALL QM is vitally important for the smallest things as sometimes the "fuzzyness" is about the size of the object itself. The current laws which we, the human race, have pieced together do NOT fully describe the universe!
They are a very close fit in most circumstances – but in some they don’t work at all. 2 + 2 = 5 4y x 3y = -1 7 x 7 = 50 Pioneers 10 and 11
Launched late 70’s
Now a very long way from the sun
Something is pulling them back towards the sun and no-one knows what it is. Our law of Gravity looks like just a rough stab at the true law! In the 130 years since Lord Kelvin's amazingly arrogant statement we have come a long way and most of physics has been re-written.
Who is to say this wont continue… According to a Gallup poll done at the end of the twentieth century, about one-third of Americans believe aliens have visited us, an increase of 5% over the previous decade. Results 1 - 10 of about 1,680,000 for alien abduction Popular culture views of aliens have changed dramatically over the last 50 years The human mind is not a perfect recorder of events… "...despite the fact that we humans are great collectors of souvenirs, not one of these persons [claiming to have been aboard a flying saucer] has brought back so much as an extraterrestrial tool or artefact, which could, once and for all, resolve the UFO mystery." Betty Hill - 1961 War of the worlds – by HG wells –
Book, 1898
Radio, 1938
Feature film 1953/2005 Roswell - 1947 Within our solar system astronomers are pretty much certain there are NO other intelligent civilisations other than our own – in fact there probably has never been life elsewhere than on our own planet. Aliens Don’t Exist
Aliens Do exist but decide to steer well clear of us
Aliens Do exist but don’t have the capability to communicate with us
Aliens Do exist but we are not advanced enough to detect them Europa – outside the habitable zone but still a possible place for life S.E.T.I. In this room are hidden 8 pieces of RED card – find them all and put them together to reassemble the full piece. Within your lifetimes it is likely that if Aliens exist in our galaxy we will find them… 10 hours 5 hours 10 hours 1 hour 1000 bazillion years 1 second Close is often good enough But sometimes it just doesn't cut it When looking at the big bang (which was very heavy and very small) we are forced to use both theories - and the result is meaningless.

Our best theories seem to be poor guesses at a much deeper truth. Written by Andrew Jackson
a.j@cantab.net How long would you have to seach before you decided it wasnt there? Carl Sagan Edwin Hubble Heinrich Olbers Top Bottom Strange Charm Down Up Electron Muon Tau Neutrinos Follow the sequence Back to the Future - Universal Pictures 1985 Mythbusters - Discovery Channel 2010 Toy Story 2 - Walt Disney Pictures 1999 The Big Bang Theory - Warner Bros. The Elegant Universe - PBS - 2003 Clive Anderson talks back - Channel 4 - 1993 The Big Bang Theory - Warner Bros. From the Earth to the Moon - HBO 1998 BBC - The Planets - Episode 8
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