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Denis Waitley - Effort

Multi-media presentation on Denis Waitley

Laura Coughlin

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Denis Waitley - Effort

The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply. - Denis Waitly Author of 16 non-fiction books. Professional life coach Born: 1933 (78 years old!) Former Navy pilot astronauts Olympic gold medalists Super Bowl champions I think Denis Waitley believes that success depends on effort because he has spent his entire career studying highly successful people. After watching people win the Super Bowl, fly into outer space, and win gold medals in the Olympics, Waitley found that one thing all these people had in common was the willingness to try their hardest. The painting "The Jazz Musicians" by Archibald Motley makes me think of effort. The musicians in the painting are
obviously putting forth a lot of effort at playing their instuments. You can see the muscles of thier arms and tendons in their necks strain with their effort. The painting also connects with the quote because it makes me think of all the practice time these men must have put in, and now it has paid off with good results because they are professional musicians playing in a club.
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