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Goa Psy-Trance

No description

Samantha Hoye

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Goa Psy-Trance

Presented by
Bryce Carleton
Joel Grimish
Chris Campion
Sammy Hoye
James Fenton

Goa Psy-Trance
Goa in the 80s
Goa Psy Trance Gathering; late 1980’s

Birthed during Vietnam war around the early 1970s in Anjuna, India.

Electronic music is introduced
Positive reactions towards the combination of electronic music and drug consumption
Following reaches a boom and new highs on the emphasis of the psychedelic
The elements and Philosophies created in Goa are introduced to western cultures
Essentially extended into multiple sub genres
Still thriving today
90s- Present
Advantages of drug smuggling increased destination desirability
People fly from all over the world to Goa, India, where they do drugs and dance for hours at raves and they claim that it is a spiritual experience

Goa Rave Scene
George LynchScientific Study of Religion
The particular social setting in which a person listens to music defines the experience:
- physical location of the experience
- with whom the experience is shared
Goa psy-trance scene:
- EDM rave in Goa
- the people at the rave



Religion in EDM
Religious connotations associated with EDM are very deliberate
Goa raves are likely to include images of various Hindu deities

Current Social Trends
Facebook pages/groups and dedicated websites (http://www.goagil.com/)
Psy-Trance Scene
Members of the Goa psy-trance subculture consider the psytrance scene to be a way to achieve a communal transcendental existence through EDM

Goa Gil
Beginning of rave: EARTH
Midnight: WATER
Early morning: FIRE
Dawn: WATER (again)
Late morning: ETHER

Influenced by early dance music scenes in Sheffield, Manchester, Belgium, Detroit and Chicago
Also drew heavily from psychedelic/ progressive rock and traditional music of the region
“Goa trance can be identified by a punchy kick drum and swirling, hypnotic and densely textured staccato sounds in vaguely Eastern melodies” (Cole and Hannan, 1997).
Dynamic and tempo shifts over the tonal and pitch modulation common in pop music song writing
Term “trance” was used to reflect its spiritual hypnagogic effect on listeners
Lengthy free form simplistic structures
Far less easily defined and certainly less mainstream fashion sense than most other subcultures within the dance genre
Bricolage of different influences .
“Something in between acid-house, skate and hippie: fluorescent, brightly coloured, tie-dye textiles; images of psychedelia, comics...lots of zips, pockets and plastic; piercings tattoos, dreadlocks, shaven heads, hats, beads, bare feet, anklets; and, last but not least, huge groovy sunglasses” (Saldanha, 2003)
Wild mixtures of traditional handmade eastern garments such as saris used in a new context.
Loose fitting or a distinct lack of any kind of clothing at all appropriate for the heady demands of the lifestyle
More extreme fashion statements reflecting an insular distaste for the influx of “dance music tourists”
Commitment to the genre’s distinct brand of individualised counter cultural attire separated the casual listeners to the devotees
Misfit culture reigned supreme as the predominant mindset towards style and lifestyle of the subculture
Hippies seeking spirituality
Goa in the 70's
Goa Freaks 75'
challenging western hegemonies
..their lives built around the music.
self-awareness of the body gave the music the power to modify the “structure of consciousness”
Select people within that group will feel the transcendence feeling a mystical connection between the moon and the sun
re-connecting with ‘humanities ancestral roots by creating self-sustaining tribes.
‘chain reaction in consciousness’
drugs ‘could change your life’
Goa as a port for trafficking drugs.
There was a high demand for numerous drugs.
hash was being smuggled threw Bombay to Europe and America.
police regularly imposed party bans.
Amplified music after 10 P.m.’ is illegal.
Police Corruption
taking bribes
bribes are subject to change depending on favour.
rely on dirty politics without really understanding the effects on the wider community
complain constantly about the noise pollution the parties create
the locals need the tourist for business
Shady economics where hidden behind a cliquey character of tourism
Creation of Goa Psy Trance Philosophy "Absolute freedom and happiness"
Came to prominence as cheaper digital music equipment became widely used
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