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A guide to the next step

By Ashraf, Bawashiq 83

Aya Sirag

on 18 January 2014

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Transcript of A guide to the next step

A guide to the next step,,,

Dear all, this guide, is meant to help you think in an organized way, so as not to go through the same sad story of wasting a very precious time as your elder colleagues...

A guide to the next step

After enjoying a very relaxing week at home
here we go…

There are important factors and differences to consider:
Male/ Female?!
Residence in the Gulf area.
Financial Capacity.
Priority for money.
specialization or escaping out the country?!
I have graduated but I don’t know what to specialize in?
Well don’t panic, more than 50% of doctors decide after doing the internship and most people change what they thought was their dream…
build your decision according to your personality.MBPI...
I have graduated and I don’t know what to do before the houseman?
Actually that is exactly why you are reading this guide, just have patience and read thoughtfully...
There are important and fearful questions we all immediately face:
1- You can’t get your permanent registration unless you did 6 months.
2- In the hospital you can get experience in the minor specialties that you are less likely to find: orthopedics is a good choice if you plan for BANGALA later, ENT, Urology Ophthalma.
3- If you plan for public health career then find a spot in the field as the ministry of health, it will help in the international masters or department of community medicine.
4- If you want to go for basic science, you will need experience in the field, so the departments in the faculty are the best match, besides getting a teaching experience is of paramount importance later.
5- For the very few who wish to go for molecular medicine, the institute of endemic diseases is your choice, you will be considered a research assistant.
6- And guys you can wait for the military camps after the secondary school exams, it will be counted as 3 months you can take the three now and the rest later.
C- Masters
D- Courses
E- Languages
Here Is a list of what you can do in the 6-10 months you will wait, but always remember to go for what will serve you best in your future career and don’t follow the crowd...
A- The national service
It is not a must, but will help you in different ways.
B- Exams
Recently there has been a trend of exams obsession so here we go...
You may consider
You will definitely be in Sudan for the next two years, so why not adding a certificate, it is the best chance to go to Saudi Arabia before the two year experience, as you will go in a teaching job, and there you can read and take any exam, most likely you will finish it by the end of the internship, and it will raise your points to get an international master.
an m
Besides having the master you will learn the language from within and with the relations you make you can start the residency after you finish the two years, you can do it before the internship or at the end of it.
You need to take the IELTS but to the middle of the year, all the European master applications start in October to January, and the study is 8 month mainly in August, Sweden, Germany and Norway are the best, just prepare your CV, motivation and start early.
As a choice and alternative pathway to the STEPs.
There are plenty of valuable courses available as: BLS, ALS, ATLS, basic surgical skills, research methodology, and many others either in the EDC, or maharat center.
There's a research methodology diploma in Ma’amon Humaida University for six month and it is really beneficial.
There are different exams weather license or membership exams, but the decision depends on several factors; you could further explore in the career pathway session.
Here I will just give the options: If you have already decided your specialty and your pathway, then start right away, otherwise give it a rest, and think wisely depending on your abilities.
1- USMLE or STEP exams: if you are USA oriented then don’t waste a second and don’t bother the national service or any distraction, remember nothing really counts there of all this mess, it is an exam you schedule your self.
2- PLAB: it is now available in Sudan on November and April, you might need the IELTS or be lucky and exempted if you sat in this year, it doesn’t interfere with the service.
MRCS: In April, September and January. Remember you can take the April exam safely, just delay the national service, and start preparing for MRCS B in November, it has nothing to do with finishing the housemanship.
MRCPCH: in June and with the knowledge you have, it is very likely to succeed; just delay the national service.
MRCOG on September also doesn’t need housemanship.
MRCP it needs a year after graduation so either wait or go for other options.
There are many other membership exams for the minor specialties check them with your seniors or in the career pathway session.
IELTS: for the PLAB and the European masters I will elaborate later; but don’t take it before September as it is valid for two years only.
GRE: for those who wish to have a basic science study in USA, it also help to escape the STEP as to get in the US and there you can sit for the STEPs, it is a math and English and taken here in Khartoum, costs 200$ only.
First master your
language, it is your corner stone.
an language is a good choice, there a shortage of doctors in Germany and the residency chances are good, besides you can finish it during your internship if started early it need a year or few months more.
for those planning to go to USA, it is the second language there and it gives you a good push in the matching, also available in Khartoum.
is also available in Khartoum in the international park with comfortable schedule and the teacher is Swedish her self.
One more thing: if you are a resident in the Gulf countries, you can start your internship there; it will give you at least 8 months ahead of your colleagues.
And always put in mind, this 10 months period could be beneficially invested in..

Finally: if you have any questions, additions or amendments; feel free to contact me at 0922668460- 0126090450 or zuelfagar@yahoo.com
If you don’t step forward, you will always be in the same spot” Take pride in how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go!
7- If you are from the states, you might have the chance of doing the service and attachment, which will give you free months in the end of the internship, you can study for any exam or use it in other ways.
By Ashraf Ahmed M.A. Fadul
Bawashiq 83
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