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City of Monterey

No description

Andreas Baer

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of City of Monterey

City of Monterey
is now entering into a
Renewable Energy
Public Private Partnership
with Siemens Corporation
The City has taken aggressive steps to save energy!
Tree City Monterey
is a scenic town
Powered by Pollution
Siemens Corporation
ESCO - Energy Services Company
The Ability to Monetize Federal Tax Incentives
Low/No Upfront Costs
Operations and Maintenance shift to Developer
Pre-determined Energy Pricing
Eventual Ownership
Federal $ Brought to Monterey
Provides Local Jobs
Provides Engineering & Development Resources
$1.0 mil
$1.1 mil
$1.2 mil
$1.3 mil
$1.4 mil
Annual City Wide Electrical Costs
7.50 Gw
7.75 Gw
8.00 Gw
8.25 Gw
8.50 Gw
Annual City Wide Energy Use
where we would be with no energy saving projects
where we are
Result of Aggressive Energy Saving Projects
Monterey Has Been Aggressively Reducing its Energy Use!
But Our Annual Bills Have Been Constant?
PG&E Electricity Costs Have Increased by
over the last 4 years.
It Is Time To Invest in Renewable Energies!
The Energy Policy Act of 2005
- A tax payer may claim a credit of 30% of qualified
expenditures for a renewable energy system
- Applies through December 31, 2016
Siemens Corporation Paid
million in taxes last year!
The City of Monterey Paid
million in taxes last year!
San Luis Obispo
Sana Cruz
central coast
is one second largest national marine sancturary, home to some of the best fisheries in the nation, and some of the most beautiful land in the world
Monterey is devoted to ensuring that:
does not turn into this
And that:
Does not turn into this
A new opportunity is rising in Monterey
Tomorrow Will be a Brighter Day in Monterey!
City of Monterey average Electricity Cost $.185/kwh
Council Vision
"Monterey is committed to being a model city for its quality of life driven by responsiveness of local government, historical and cultural preservation, mobility opportunities emphasizing pedestrians over vehicles, economic sustainability, a strong sense of place
and good stewardship of the natural environment
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