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No description

Maureen Ghali

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Powerade

The Research

From Local to Global: A POWERADE Case Study
Business Results

Asmaa Mostafa
Dina El Zayat
Maureen Ghali
Mirette Raafat
Sarah Mohsen

Any Questions?
Thank you!
Case Questions
1. How did Powerade reach a successful global marketing campaign?
2. Do you think Coca-Cola will need new marketing research before going into new countries? Relate to the energy drink market in Egypt.

3. What is the role of the social media in going global? What campaigns do you propose for Powerade on social media?
Defining and understanding the similarities of this core consumer across market was the first step to developing a consistent positioning for the Powerade Brand

Results from the segmentation study provided:

1. Detailed definition of the target
2. Types of sports played
3. Motives behind selecting a sports drink
that could be applied across markets
The most important segment is called
“True Sportsmen”
2. Stage two is concerned with the creation of online social networking

A score card is used to summarize each
a. Concept’s appeal
b. Uniqueness
c. Likes and dislikes
d. Opportunities to improvement

A segmentation study was made

The Goal:

Present an understanding of local-market similarities and differences of the core sports drink consumer in order to feed into global and local strategy development, target definition, as well as guide development of the brand’s communication plan

Two-stage approaches to achieve effective positioning

1. In stage one, segmentation occurs in order to explore:

a. User’s sport participation habits
b. Sport attitudes
c. Performance needs
d. Beverage consumption during sports
The Research
Spain, Germany, Italy, UK, and Poland

Ages between 16 & 40

The attitudes and needs of these segments varied from
“participating for health reasons and/or doctors orders”
“considering myself a professional athlete”

A Campaign Emerges
Connecting PowerAde to match
TV commercial

Out of home ads

Other tools
Never-ending game kit
South African Football Clinics

Phase one
with shoppers’
functional benefits
The journey
The Key Principles
The Research
Campaign also rely on :
Global Brand Vision

“Performing at your best’'

The responses showed the importance of having a global position built around these concepts:

1) Inclusiveness
2) Recognition of the journey
3) Enjoyment of the game
4) Passion of the sports
5) Importance of the team as a social connection

Evaluating existing ideas

Generating new ones

Highly interactive and iterative process
Social networking forum among target consumers to get deep insights
Idea Blog
Engaging core customers in idea generation and evaluation
Consumer Co-creation
The Second Stage
Campaign has three phases
Association with FIFA through local PR events

Launching VIS and shopper work
Identify the main message : Play better and longer
Idea Blog
Idea Blog
Idea Blog
Phase two
Idea Blog
Phase three
Campaign Testing
Campaign + Commercials

Breakthrough and persuasion
Campaign rated in top 15% of IMC campaigns.

Strong appeal.

WHY ??!
Powerade was integrated naturally and relevantly to consumers.
The core MSG of the idea was simple and to the point.
Global Achievement
Powerade volume grew by double digits (versus previous year)

New places reached

Powerade volume share grew vs. previous year

For June 2013 value share grew vs. previous year.

Improvement of non-working departments and having an estimated productivity gain of multi-million dollars for sports drinks.

Increase in consumption and favorite brand due to sponsorships.
FIFA World Cup
Powerade's IMC and TVC which increased in volume and share performance.

The research program had both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

By this approach, it appears that Powerade plans for future global positioning research.
How can they achieve consensus across markets?

Qualitative Research + Quantitative Research

Brand Positioning + Brand’s goals and targets

= Brand Plan


Potential risk their global positioning might not be relevant to local consumers

A Unified brand positioning +

Each country needed flexibility to express that positioning in a way that is relevant to each local market

Doesn’t provide accurate cross-market comparisons of consumer appeal , volume potential, and risks
Qualitative Research
Quantitative evidence achieve consensus across all markets

Increased confidence in Powerade’s global positioning strategy
Results of Millward Brown’s Research
Leading global research agency

Developed a model that linked t
“art” of position-creation
with the
“science” of a rigorous volume-based outcome
Millward Brown
To convince local management to change from a local positioning, that has already proven to be successful, to a global positioning
’s Problem
Its locally developed positioning
POWERADE successfully grew through
POWERADE From Local to
’s Challenge
To gain consensus across markets to move to a global positioning

Cannot just depend on qualitative research

Also needed quantitative evidence
Consistent Voice
Consistent Brand
Needed to Establish a
Unified Global Positioning
3) Had different marketing messages in each local market

Wanted Powerade to be a
“True Global Brand”
and not just a “brand that is available globally”
1) Pressure to increase:
- Productivity, Profitability, Efficiency

2) Associate Powerade with high-profile international sporting events
Leading sports drink of Coca-Cola

Launched in 1992, US

One of the 14 Billion Dollar brands of Coca-Cola

Fastest growing global sports drink brand
2. Discuss the IMC tools mentioned in the case.

What other tools would you
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