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Reading = Understanding!

This prezi was created for use during free, face-to-face HESI test prep sessions at Lone Star College in Houston, TX. For more information about these sessions, please visit www.lonestar.edu/21133.

Jessica Williams

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Reading = Understanding!

Reading = Understanding!
Which reader are you?
If you do not understand what you read, are you really READING?
Good Reader's Brain = VELCRO!
If you want new information to STICK in your brain, it must ATTACH itself to something that is already there.
Good Readers Ask QUESTIONS!
What do I ALREADY know about this?
What does the title mean?
What is this PROBABLY going to be about?
What's the BIG IDEA?
Good readers must often read between the lines.
What does that WORD mean?
CONTEXT is your best friend
when you don't know what a word means.
Which CHARACTER is speaking?
The author's PURPOSE and TONE will match one of these characters:
PURPOSE: to inform
TONE: educational, instructive,
practical, gossipy, formal, OR conversational
PURPOSE: to persuade, motivate, encourage, or warn
TONE: emotional, argumentative, inspiring, cautionary, stirring, compelling, forceful
PURPOSE: to entertain
TONE: sarcastic, playful, humorous, satirical
Why do PURPOSE and TONE matter?
The editors of one international newspaper believed that a satirical piece from The Onion (claiming that the moon landing was a hoax) was a true story, and they published it as truth.
What The Onion said: http://www.theonion.com/articles/conspiracy-theorist-convinces-neil-armstrong-moon,2796/
What the other newspaper thought: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8237558.stm
Want more MAIN IDEA?
Check out this video that explains how to get the GIST of what you read the FIRST time!
"GETTING" tone and purpose
can save you from embarrassment!
What's this all about, anyway?
This prezi was created for use in free, face-to-face HESI test prep sessions for students at Lone Star College in Houston, TX. For more information about these sessions, please visit www.lonestar.edu/21133
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