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Open Day: Student life

No description

Diva-Lee Braine

on 15 August 2016

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Transcript of Open Day: Student life

Social Media
Living Here
Course Length:
Most courses last between three and four years
Sandwich year (Year in industry, Year abroad)
Term lengths: GMS October-May, Health courses and Primary Education September-July
Living Here
Social Media
A typical week at University
Student Life Talk
Learning at Canterbury Christ Church
Typical Week at University
Living Here
Student Life
Eating In and Out
Student Experiences
Extra Curricular Activities
Student Voice
Student Opportunities
Partnership Agreement

Practical Workshops
Lecture 11am-1pm
Seminar 1pm-3pm
Hockey Training
Library Session 10am-1pm
Sports Lab 1pm-3pm
Playsport Futsal
Game Day
Team Social
Lecture 3pm-4pm
Seminar 4pm-5pm
Football Training
Lecture 9am-11am
Simulation 1pm-3pm
Eating In and Out
Living in Canterbury
All halls of residence at CCCU are self-catered.

Shared kitchens and living spaces means there are ample opportunities for you to bond with other students through cooking or watching tv together
Student Opportunities
There are many opportunities around the university run by both the Students Union and the University itself, to enhance your CV and gain invaluable expierences:

Volunteering Abroad:
Charity Work:
Migrant Help, National Trust, Cancer Research, Catching Lives
Student Lead Projects
Sports and Societies:
Leadership, Activators, Student Representation
Student Ambassadors:
Course, Outreach, Student Recruitment
Mentoring Schemes:
Mentors for Offenders
Course Oppourtunities:
Placements, Trips
The Student Green Office
Media Opportunities:
CSR, Media Designers

All Leading to the
Christ Church Extra Award
Where will you live?
Moving to a new City/Town?

First Year:
Typically most students will move into University owned halls of residence.

Privately rented accommodation throughout the city.

Living off campus increases independence whilst being able to live with friends

Students' Union
Canterbury has a wide range of places to eat. The top rated venues from our current students were:
Students' Union Lounge Bar & Kitchen
GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen)
Pork and Co
American Pancake house
Many of which offer student discount
What do students eat when at home?
Students eat anything with pasta (Tuna, chicken and even marmite)
Beans on toast
Sausage and mash
Salad (sometimes)
Noodles (lots of them)
Shared meals are a must if you can't cook

Top Tip: Get yourself a student cookbook, especially if you can't cook

The Students’ Union is here to represent all students here at CCCU on a local, national and international level. We offer advice, representation, training, skill development, student activities, volunteering and employment.
What is the Students' Union?
The SU, together with The Lounge Bar & Kitchen, puts on loads of events throughout the year in a fun and safe environment for students.

Welcoming new students to Christ Church during Welcome Week with a range of day and evening events to help them get to know each other and their new university.

Help students unwind throughout the year with everything from Movie Nights to Pub Quizzes.

Celebrate the end of the year with a Summer Ball with live music, food and drink and fairground rides.

Events & Entertainment
Go to
There are loads of opportunities to represent students here at Christ Church

Student Reps are individuals elected to represent their class at SSL (Student Staff Liaison) Meetings, raise issues regarding the course and suggest ways the student experience could be improved.

Union Council is made up of 22 students elected to represent groups within the student body. They make students’ ideas and campaigns into policy and create awareness about the things that matter to you.

The Leadership Team is made up of elected sabbatical officers. They are the voice of the students and look after everything from societies to sport and student wellbeing. By running campaigns they make student lives better along with the help of Student Reps and Union Council.

Go to
Getting Involved
Students can join our award-winning media team producing exciting content for TV station, C.C.T.V, presenting on CSRFM, or writing for student magazine, UNIfied.

Societies are a great way to meet new people, pursue an interest you already enjoy or start a new hobby.
There are over 50 to choose from including political societies, academic or just-for-fun.
Students can easily set up their own society
Celebrate achievements at the Student Activities Awards

Go to
Whether you’re a sports fanatic, want to play competitively or just try something new, we have over 40 sports clubs on offer.
We celebrate sport by competing in Varsity against University of Kent and holding a Sports Federation Dinner.

We offer support and guidance when students need it most.
We offer academic advice on a range of topics from academic misconduct to appeals.

We can also offer advice on finance, housing and wellbeing.

Volunteering is a brilliant way to supplement your studies while having loads of fun at the same time.

Students learn lots of valuable skills they take on into their careers, and do something worthwhile with their time.

Go to
Support & Employability
Like us on Facebook

Follow us on twitter @CanterburyCCUni
These are some images from our students
All Canterbury based Christ Church Students graduate in Canterbury Cathedral
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