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Every Idea Counts: Call for Change

No description

Shubhra Singhal

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Every Idea Counts: Call for Change

Every Idea Counts: Call for Change
01. Pitch a project
Send us a pitch for a project, with a focus on Water & Sanitation, which is currently being implemented in India and aligns with one of the two tracks mentioned below. The project pitch should clearly state the project impact, challenges faced and type of support needed for the future success of the project.
02. Presentation
Ten projects will be selected for presentation at the India Collaboration Lab, five for each track.
03. Project Clinics
Break out sessions will follow the presentations to encourage participants exchange ideas and create engagement strategies to increase the efficacy of the project and develop a set of collective actions to successfully create a social impact through the project.
04. Commitment Roundtable
Disseminate knowledge from the Pitch Clinic sessions and propose a multi–stakeholder collaborative action plan for each project.
Solution Areas
Track 1: Water Management & Efficient use
Track 2: Access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)


Stakeholder Coordination

... then, submit a pitch for...
A two day hackathon that will bring together social entrepreneurs, NGO's, corporations, investors and policy makers to present 10 ongoing projects that create an impact in the Water & Sanitation sector in India.
1. Select one track per pitch submission. Within each track, participants can select all solution areas that apply.

2. Limit one project submission per participant.

3. Register for the event to receive the project presentation submission template.

4. The project for presentation at the India Collaboration Lab should be of maximum 3 minutes and in a digital format.
Does your project...
Prevent contamination of water in the sanitation system?
Address water scarcity, reuse and conservation?
Implement innovative low-cost sanitation system?
Provide sustainable water supply and sanitation for urban and semi-urban areas?
Provide financial access to clean water and sanitation?
An opportunity to showcase your project and discuss the challenges faced.
Work within teams to provide solutions to challenges and form collaborations/alliances.

Deadline for submission:
Tuesday, October 19th, 12:00pm IST

All you have to do is...
India Collaboration Lab: New Alliances for Water & Sanitation
Pitch Submission Link
Presentation Guidelines:
Format of the presentation is up to the discretion of the participant but a visual presentation is encouraged.
Presentation should not be more than 3 minutes.
Do you need...
Innovative ideas or technology to address the challenges faced by your project?
Do you have the solutions but need financing solutions?
Are you looking for new alliances and partnerships?
Are policy issues hindering the success of the project?

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