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"My Little Pony: Sonic Rainboom" Story Arch

The story arch for an episode of "My Little Pony" called the "Sonic Rainboom"

Amber May

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of "My Little Pony: Sonic Rainboom" Story Arch

My Little Pony: "Sonic Rainboom" CRASH! She learns that she
is unable to perform the Sonic Rainboom technique, making her nervous. Her friends decide to support her at the competition Selfish Rarity is so busy admiring her wings that she forgets to comfort her friend Dash is getting nervous again after being ridiculed by bullies Rainbow Dash practices her awesome techniques for the Best Young Flyer's Competition Rarity selfishly enters the competition herself to show off her wings Dash continues to feel the pressure Rarity's wings melt and she begins to fall out of the sky! Rainbow finally performs the Sonic Rainboom AND saves Rarity! Rainbow Dash wins the Best Young Flyers Competition and meets her childhood heroes! A look at Rainbow Dash's rise to glory
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