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Tara Henderson

on 27 October 2017

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Transcript of Dance

Dance History
Dance was/is used for entertainment and religion. The first people to dance were the indigenous peoples and egyptians. The reason why they started dancing was because they wanted to find a different way to move and express ourselves.
How dance was invented/discovered
The first clue of people dancing years ago were paintings in caves with people dancing in stone age 9,000 years ago. Also according to dance history, Garry Philip invented dance. Dance has been going on for approximately 11,000 years!
Professional dancers can come from anywhere, they can come from broadway, dance shows and even more. One of my favorite professional dancers comes from broadway, and her name is Bree Adele Thompson. Bree is twenty-eight years old and she has been dancing since she was three, (me too). She has been on broadway, on the t.v. show "Dancing with the stars", and on another t.v. show called "So you think you can dance". But she started out at her dance studio called, Dance with passion.
Is dance a sport?
Well it is, because soccer, hockey, and basketball use physical movement, dance also uses physical movement. So the answer to your question is...yes dance is a sport. Dance can help you express your feelings. But it can also let you show people why/how dance is wonderful! In a way that you can move and can't explain by using words. My two favorite dance styles are lyrical and hiphop! Lyrical is almost like ballet it's soft and gentle but it's also like jazz, (it's a mix of those two) and hiphop is very energetic and hard hitting.
Professional Dancers
- www.howisdanceasport.com
-my dance teachers
-my sisters
-my mom
-my dad
-my brothers professional dance friends
-my sisters professional dance friends
How long has dance been around
Dance has been around for approximately 11,000 years! Dance is a another way to really express yourself no matter if your happy or sad. It's another way to move!
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