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South East Asia

No description

Alden McDonald

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of South East Asia

South East Asia
By: Alden McDonald
North Korea
South Korea
Pollution in India
Air pollution is one of the biggest problems in India
New cities & development of new industry's in have left parts of the cities with the highest air pollution
Cars & trucks have not helped it is called automobile emission.
They are one of the countries with the highest rate of respiratory disease.
Families cook over an open fire using wood and coal as fuel and animal waste this is releasing carbon monoxide, Soot, & other chemicals.
This pollution is forming a cloud over the town nick named the brown cloud
Pollution in China
China is another country with bad air pollution.
One of the affects is acid rain.
Acid rain is bad for plants, animal, people,& even building.
The highest cause of death is respiratory & heart disease.
The yellow river is is one of the most polluted areas in china waste from big nuclear.
People also bathe and sprinkle ashes in there.
Climate in India
In the northern part of India it is cold and ice. it is the mountainous part of the country.

The southern part of India is very and dry.
There is a lot of plain and deserts in this area
Climate in China
In the mountain ranges there is a high moisture from the indian ocean.
In India there is a seasonal wind called a monsoon. It is a hot dry wind blown across the country from the northeast during the winter and in the spring and summer it comes from the opposite direction.
Most people live in an area that is more climate controlled.
Climate in Japan
The climate is affected by the ocean currents. There is really no set climate.
North Korea's Climate
North Korea has short summer and long cold winters. The land is mountains and not very heavy populated.
South Korea's
South Korea's climate is pretty mild due to warm winds that come from the ocean. It is way more populated than North Korea.
Vietnam's climate
Vietnam is a warm tropical climate this creates rich farmland. Where 90% of the world rice is grown.

India's Physical Features
Mountains Plateaus & plain
Hindu Kush
Karakoram ranges
Indus River
Ganges River
Deccan Plateau
it is very fertile.
China's Physical Features
Deserts Mountain
Gobi desert
Taklimakan desert
Yangtze river
Huang He (yellow river)
Himalayan mountian
They are at the bottom of china.
North Korea physical features
*not named in the book
Literacy Rate of Males & Females
Dark purple male

Light purple female
Hinduism is one of the oldest religion in the world. Religion was started in India in 1500 B.C. There ritual & hymn book is Vedas, The Book of Knowledge. They also believe in karma.
Buddhism was also found in India a rich man founded it in 1500 B.C. also.They named the idol that represents the religion Buddha or The Enlightened One.
Islam is another religion practiced in southern eastern Asia. Islam began in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century ad. Islam came to India in 1500 ad there followers are called muslims.
Confucianism is one of the most important scholars in chinese history he was born 550BC when the government was having a hard time keeping the country in order.
Get Ready
Take out a sheet of paper.
pen or pencil & highlighter
Get ready for notes
Ask questions
Where did Buddhism start?

Where did Buddhism start?
What is one of the oldest religions?
Where is islam practiced?
When was Confucianism born?
What is Vietnam's climate?
Name one physical feature in India?
Any Questions?
This time is the time to ask questions.
I found my info in the CRCT prep book.

I found my info on pages 37-148

In South East Asia
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