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127 Hours

No description

Lola Whittingham

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of 127 Hours

Going crazy
Four days (Ralston)
Films himself as if on a talk show
Goes over all of his mistakes
Taking the ones he loves for granted
Says hello to people
Joking then serious
127 Hours
Aron Ralston
30 miles in Blue John Canyon
April 26- May 1 2003 (Ralston)
27 years old
800 pound boulder
5 days, seven hours
Went alone
Told no one ("Then & Now: Aron Ralston")
Could not figure out how to escape
The Struggle to Escape Death
Stayed true to Aron Ralston's story
Several differences
Present the theme that human isolation and the will to live drives a person to perform drastic measures to survive
Changes from reality show
Tested mentally: craving to get back to his life and human isolation
Aron is trapped. Pictures have many similarities.
Where Aron is Trapped
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Human isolation and the will to live drives a person to perform drastic measures to survive
Experiences many visions and starts to act crazy the longer he is trapped
Aspects have to do with loved ones
Several are how he hurt them
Human isolation and Aron's desire to return to life
Broke his bones and amputated his arm
Descended 65 feet ("Aron Ralston")
4 hours of hiking ("Then & Now: Aron Ralston")
Liter and a half blood loss (Cohen)
Strong will to live
Honors Aron's story
Minor changes show his motivation to live and strong spirit
Never gave up on his life
After given this second chance he met his wife and had a baby
Visions, loneliness, and life- ultimately pushes him to free himself
Aron had a traumatizing wake up call to change his life, we can learn from this and never take the ones we love for granted and value not only our own life, but also the ones around us.
Real Life and Importance
"Between a Rock and a Hard Space"
Lola Whittingham
Never actually happened
Director made it up
See inside of Aron's head
Shows "he realizes he’s made a terrible mistake, isolating himself, and he wants another chance to live life differently" (Hill)
11 Year Anniversary- 31 Hours Left
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