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Dobyns-Bennett Senior Meeting

No description

Kayte Daffron

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Dobyns-Bennett Senior Meeting

Dobyns-Bennett Class of 2015
Counseling Department

Sandi Nelson (A - C)
Wendy Wolfe (D - G)
Eric Freeman (H - L)
Kayte Daffron (M - R)
Lisa Pierce (S - Z)
Tammy Wolfe, Career Counselor
Rebecca Osborne, Graduation Coach
Kristy Johnson, Niswonger Counselor

If you are going to College or a Applied College of Technology after graduation…
1) Have an idea of where you want to go
2) Find out the requirements of the college
3) Know when the college application deadlines are and have everything required in on time
4) Make sure to complete the TNPromise and attend meetings
5) Prepare for filling out financial aid and scholarships
6) See Tammy Wolfe in CTE for Career Testing

If you are going into the Workforce or the Armed Forces after D-B…
1) Make sure to start meeting with a military recruiter now
2) Prepare a resume that highlights the experience you have and reflects what you can offer the employer that you are interested in working for
3) Start looking now for careers that you are interested in so you can plan to be qualified for it
4) Plan to take the ASVAB - November 13th

So, to finish Dobyns-Bennett strong…

You must be responsible for your graduation and taking advantage of the opportunities in front of you.

Preparing for College Applications
Transcripts and Recommendations
Testing for College and Military
Important Dates coming up
Tri-Cities College Fair
Senior Parent Night/Financial Aid
August 26th – 6pm –
D-B Little Theatre

For students heading to
The application deadline is:
December 1, 2014

Applications can be done on

The Competitive Scholarship and Chancellor’s Honors program deadline is
November 1st

Requesting a transcript
In the Counseling office, fill out a Request for Transcript form (it is the white form on the clip board next to the scholarship box).
Leave with Mrs. Joyce or Mrs. Livesay.

Recommendations from Teachers or Counselor
1) Make sure to request a recommendation from your teacher or counselor at least

weeks before you need it.
2) Give Counselor a
about you and your experience and the
recommendation form
from the
D-B site.
3) Give Teacher a resume.
1) Check websites for full dates and registration.
2) Next ACT available is October 25th.
3) Next SAT available is October 11th.
Important points about test scores
1) Take ACT or SAT if you have not already taken.
2) If you have never tested, see the counseling office for a voucher.
3) Fee waivers can be given by counselor.
4) Take what your college wants.
5) Tutoring information is available on the D-B site and the testing websites.
Military Service Academy Day
September 20th – 9:30 am – Walters State Community College
ASVAB Test - November 13th
2) Tool to help students learn more about career exploration and planning, in all worlds of work.

1) Counts towards your Armed Forces Qualifying Test (AFQT) score. The score determines whether you're qualified to enlist in the U.S. military
but this is not a commitment to the military.
Let's talk about $$$$
Scholarship Information Can Be Found
1) On the T.V. announcements
2) On the D-B website Counseling page
3) Go For It newsletter
4) Scholarship Box located in the Counseling Office and Career Counseling Office

1) For financial aid and for lottery scholarships
2) Forms are not available until after January 1st
3) Parents need to provide financial/tax return information
4) Try to submit as early as possible
5) Get your FAFSA pin number this fall at www.pin.ed.gov
6) After January 1st , apply on-line at www.fafsa.ed.gov

HOPE Lottery Scholarship
for four year college or university
Up to $1,750 per semester for 4 year accredited TN college/university for freshman and sophomore year
Junior and Senior year increase to $2,250 per semester.

3.0 GPA or 21 ACT
or 980 (math and verbal) SAT
The GPA used for the HOPE is your
Special Scholarships
Niswonger Foundation Scholarship
1) Deadline September 12th

2) "Portable” scholarship – can be used at any college/university in U.S.
3) Criteria –Leadership ability, intelligence, drive, and financial need
4) Goal –Equip future leaders for our region. So therefore the scholarship acceptance means that you plan to come back to the region in the future to pursue your career path

ACT Information
1) ACT requires students to provide a digital photo when registering.
2) Students must provide their high school to ACT when registering.
3) All students will be required to register (even standby) their intent to test.
Academic Performance Scholarships
1) Can be awarded from $5,000 to $2,000 per year based on GPA and ACT scores.
2) To qualify, complete the admission application for ETSU by Dec. 15th.
3) Eligibility is determined by the 6th semester GPA
4) ACT/SAT scores must be earned prior to Dec. 15th.
ETSU Scholarship Info
1) Available online at www.etsu.edu/scholarships.
2) 2014 Scholarship application should be online by October 1st.
3) Application deadlines vary for individual scholarships.
Roan Scholars - ETSU
Four Essential Elements to be a Roan Scholar
1) Leadership
2) Intellectual Curiosity
3) Character
4) Physical Vigor
Roan Scholars Benefits
1) Full Academic Scholarship (with stipend).
2) Dell laptop and printer.
3) Leadership development experiences.
4) Guidance from mentors, community leaders and program director.
5) Regional exposure

Nomination forms are in the Counseling office.
Deadline is October 21st.

August 28th - 6pm - Johnson City Freedom Hall
Special Programs
Work Based Learning
Defined: A program designed for students to participate in school approved registered apprenticeships, cooperative education, clinical internships, school-based enterprises, or internships for credit.

Requirements: - Students must have passed the EOC or competency exam of the related course- Students must maintain an attendance rate of no lest than 90% while participating in WBL.
NES Jumpstart Stats and Speech
1) Taught at D-B. 1 block course, 3 credit hours of Statistics, 3 credit hours of Speech.
2) Some cost involved - State grant will reimburse $300 to $600 (eligibility determined by ACT scores or GPA)
Dual Enrollment
1) Can take 1 to 3 courses through NES or ETSU and earn college credit and high school credit.
2) Cost involved. State grant will pay $300 to $600 (eligibility is determined by ACT scores and GPA.
TN/VA Scholars
Basically, you need all of your core courses but make sure you have foreign language requirement, four maths (bridge will count if you completed SAILS), and 2 of either CTE courses, AP courses (not in your core), or Dual Enrollment courses (not in your core).
TN/VA Scholars continued
1) 80 hours of community service.
2) C or higher in all TN/VA scholar courses.
3) 95% attendance (over the course of high school)
4) No OSS
5) www.tnvascholars.org
6) Turn form into Mrs. Joyce in the Counseling office.
7) Don't forget to save a copy of your hours.
NCAA Eligibility
1) 16 core courses for Division I, 14 core courses for Division II.
2) Register now with www.ncaaclearinghouse.net.
3) Plan this with your parents, coach, and counselor.
4) Be cautious with online courses.
5) Bridge Math and English 12 Communications for life will not count in the core.
Checking your Transcript
1) Check for incorrect information.
2) Be sure repeated classes are removed.
3) Make sure you have at least
20 credits
, if not, see your counselor
4) Check to make sure you have the classes needed for graduation.
5) Mark any problems and return to the Counseling office.
6) Make sure all of your classes are on the transcript.

Graduation Requirements
Congratulations Seniors
1) Keep an eye out for important announcements.
2) Stay on top of deadlines and requirements.
3) Avoid "Senioritis" and keep up your grades.
4) Be responsible and a leader to prepare you on the road to your future.

Common Application
Make sure that if you are using the Common Application to do everything electronically. Counselors will send your transcript electronically.

If you prefer for another teacher to write your recommendation instead of your counselor, you can select that option.
Good luck on your path to success!
Work Based Learning Benefits
1) Creates desirable work habits and attitudes.
2) Promotes personal success which may motivate interest in other school subjects and activities.
3) Easier transition from school to the world of work.
4) Offer learning experiences that can't be gained in the classroom.
5) Earns high school credits in addition to receiving training and a salary.
6)Frequently leads to permanent employment upon graduation at the workplace.

College App Week
September 29th - October 3rd.

Seniors will have the opportunity during their school to apply to colleges with assistance. This is a great time to fill out the TNPromise, apply for the ACT (if needed), and request transcripts.
HOPE Lottery Scholarship for a two year community college
Award: Up to $1,500 per semester

3.0 GPA or 21 ACT
or 980 (math and verbal) SAT
The GPA used for the HOPE is your
This scholarship offers
two years
community or technical college to TN high school graduates beginning with the Class of 2015.
Step 1:
at www.TNPromise.gov by
November 1st
Step 2:
the FAFSA at www.fafsa.gov by
February 15th
Step 3:
your college mentor in the spring of senior year and attend two mandatory meetings at D-B
Step 4:
your application for college. Make sure
is at the college in the
Step 5:

8 hours
of community service in the
following high school graduation.
For more information...visit
Set up a TSAC Student Portal account if you don't already have one.
Once your TSAC login is created, look under Scholarships on the TSAC page to find the TNPromise scholarship.
If you need help, we will have a counselor and times to help you with this. Make sure to let the counseling office know if assistance is needed.
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