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What is Student Affairs?

Wagner College Campus Life Training 2012

Sara Klein

on 27 September 2018

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Transcript of What is Student Affairs?

What is Student Affairs?
A belief in the dignity, uniqueness, potential and worth of each individual.
A belief that our role is to enhance student learning and development.
A belief in the development of the whole person, including the importance of intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual elements.
A belief that learning occurs in diverse places and diverse ways.
A belief in supporting the goals of individuation and community, recognizing the powerful role of community in learning and development.
A belief in communities where diversity is desired, mutual respect is expected, and where ideas and assumptions are to be explored and questioned.
A belief in encouraging conversation and communication.
A belief that the mission of student affairs flows from the mission of the institution.
A belief that higher education and student affairs have roles in assisting in transforming our society.
Student Affairs Foundation and Beliefs
Student Affairs Roles
individual and group advising
program development
grant writing
Residence Life
Commuter Student Services
Graduate Student Services
New Student Orientation
Financial Aid
Counseling Center
Advising Center
Leadership Development
Greek Affairs
Student Activities
Student Unions
Service Learning
Student Affairs Functional Areas

Career Services
Student Conduct
Alumni Relations
Disability Services
Multicultural Programs
Study Abroad
Women's Centers
Health Centers
LGBTQ Student Services
Spiritual Centers
Title IX
The Future of Student Affairs
continue to find ways to include and support all of our students
encourage connections in the age of disconnectedness
assess and improve
expand research and theory base
The Student Development Movement
Student Personnel Point of View (1937, 1949)
Student Learning Imperative (1996)
Learning Reconsidered (2004, 2006)

student wellness
facilities and amenities
politics on campus
Good Practice in Student Affairs...
1. Engages students in active learning.
2. Helps students develop coherent values and ethical standards.
3. Sets and communicates high expectations for student learning.
4. Uses systematic inquiry to improve student and institutional performance.
5. Uses resources effectively to achieve institutional missions and goals.
6. Forges educational parternships that advance student learning.
7. Builds supportive and inclusive communities.
John Dewey's Ideas
Education for Democracy
Education for Everyone
Problem-Based Learning
risk management
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