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Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

No description

Megan Ward

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief
Chapter 11
Medusa's Garden
Grover's Uncle Ferdinand
Medusa's Garden
Chapter 11, Section 1
Chapter 11, Section 2
Chap 11, section 3
Medusa's victims
Chapter 11, Section 4
Lesson Two
I can use details from images to make predictions about the myth of Cronus
I can get the gist of the myth of Cronus
Making Predictions
Reading to get the Gist
Check handouts. Look for the #1 in corner of paper, this should correspond with the Myth of Cronus. Take it out.
Read the myth of Cronus once through without taking notes.
Re-read the story, this time writing a one sentence gist after each paragraph. ***Remember, this should have no specific details.
End-of-Lesson Checklist:
1) Answer question on paper using one specific detail from illustrations.
2) The Myth of Cronus with my one sentence gists after each paragraph.
3) Allusion to Cronus worksheet #2
Mod 1, Unit 2, Less 2
Go Listen to Chapter 11
Listen to Chapter 11, Following the slides.
Keep progressing through the last slide of Chapter 11, and that will take you to the next Module Lesson.

As you listen to Chapter 11, look for any references to classic myths.
Allusion: Referring to something indirectly
Read the selection below.
Progress through to see it.
Fill out worksheet #2 in handouts
Module One
Lesson 3
Lesson 3
Learning Targets:
I can answer questions about the myths of Cronus using evidence from the text.
I can use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words in the myth of Cronus.
I can collaborate with my peers to determine themes in the myth of Cronus.
I can explain how a theme in Cronus is connected to a them in
The Lightning Thief.
Using Context clues to determine vocabulary meaning.
Get the handout from Lesson three packet labeled #1, Context Clues.
Complete without looking up the definition, but based on the other words in the sentence.
A theme is a significant idea or lesson conveyed in a text. It is a message that the author conveys through important details or events.
Parent-Child relationships.
This is an example of a
, which is about what the writer's thinking.
Theme of Cronus
After completing handout #2, it is time for you to think about the themes about parent: child relationships that you get from the story of Cronus.
Read the story of Cronus again.

Module 1, Unit 2, Lesson 3
Directions: Look at the two pictures. The one on the left is Cronus, the right, Gaea. Based on the two pictures, what can you predict about the myth of Cronus? A
is an educated guess.

Thanks to those who made dirty use of ChalkTalk... (you shall remain nameless :) simply write down your predictions on a loose leaf sheet of paper and staple it with your other handouts when you turn them in.
Read the allusion to Cronus
Chiron pursed his lips. "Even I am not old enough to remember that, child, but I know it was a time of darkness and savagery for mortals. Kronos, the Lord of the Titans, called his reign the Golden Age because man lived innocent and free of all knowledge. But that was mere propaganda. The Titan king cared nothing for your kind except as appetizers or a source of cheap entertainment. It was only in the reign of Lord Zeus when Prometheus the good Titan brought fire to mankind, that you species began to progress, and even then, Prometheus was branded a radical thinker. Zeus punished him severely, as you may recall. Of course, eventually the gods warmed to humans, and Western civilization was born." (Pg 155-156)
** Extra Credit available under the QR code for Greek God Extras about Prometheus and his punishment....
Literature is so powerful because of themes, and their ability to allow us to think about truths that make us human and our experiences shared by the entire human race.
Universal Theme
is one that has meaning to people across time and culture.
thematic statement
would be: A mother puts her love for her children above any other relationship.
Expressed in a complete statement and conveys a complete idea about the topic/theme.
Ask yourself What idea or lesson is the author trying to make in this story?
Complete handout #2 from packet.
Progress to the next slide to see the next assignment. This will be located under the Assessment bracket.
Assessment & Checklist
Handout #1.3.1 - Using context clues to define vocabulary
Handout #1.3.2 - Theme Vs. Topic
Handout #1.3.3 - Theme of Cronus

Lesson Two
Chapter 11, section 5
"Perseus Slays Medusa"
Chap 10 sec 1
Luke's flying shoes, a gift from Hermes; and golden drachma
Chapter 10, section 2
Percy's gift from his father
Chapter 10, section 3
The place from which Percy wants to rescue his mother.
Chapter 10 section 4
three old ladies board a bus...
Chapter 10 section 5
three demon Furies
Chapter 10
Vocabulary Spot:
These are the vocab words that you will encounter in this lesson, and in the corresponding chapter. Please add the word AND THEIR DEFINITION to your word catcher. You may need to get more word catchers. Remember, the person in EACH class who has the most words in their word catcher, will win lunch!
Chapter 12 -
Find at least two important events.
Chapter 12, section 1
the God Pan with two satyrs following him
Chapter 12, section 2
Gladiola, the talking pink poodle
important event
is something that changes the story, the relationships between people, an important realization...
Before Lesson two:
Before Lesson three:
define and add to word catcher
thematic statement
The first four can be done after the lesson, but are required to be added to the wordcatcher. The last four need to be done before the lesson
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