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Sherlock Holmes: Red Headed League

No description

Gisselle Mejia

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Sherlock Holmes: Red Headed League

Cleverness & Robberies
The Red Headed League
Peter Jones
: A Scotland Yard detective

Mr. Merryweather
: Manager of the Suburban Bank

Archie/Duncan Ross/William Morris
: John Clays partner in crime

Sherlock visits the store in disguise
Plot Summary
During the Victorian Time, due to great disguises and intelligent criminals, cleverness was an essential for all people involved with the occupation of being a detective.

For Example, in the Red Headed League, Sherlock is required to have a greater amount of knowledge or intelligence to capture Vincent Spaulding (antagonist) in the act and almost outwits Sherlock.
Chagrin -
to embarrass and annoy; mortify

Bequest -
a disposition in a will

Ejaculated -
to utter suddenly and briefly; exclaim

Languor -
lack of energy or vitality; sluggishness

Astuteness -
clever; cunning; ingenious; shrewd
Settee -
a seat for two or more persons
Cordially -
sincere; heartfelt; friendly
Recommenced -
to begin; start

Portly -
rather heavy or fat; stout

Endeavoured -
an attempt
Sherlock Holmes
: Private detective, protagonist in the story

Dr John Watson
: Sherlock Holmes partner and narrator of the story

Jabez Wilson
: London pawnbroker with fiery red hair

John Clay/Vincent Spaulding
: Notorious criminal that works in Wilsons' pawn shop
Antagonist, tries robbing the Suburban bank
Mr. Wilson is a pawnbroker with an
assistant named Vincent, who likes
to develop pictures in the basement.
The story begins with Mr. Wilson
telling Holmes and Watson about his
situation. Mr. Wilson was recently
hired to be a part of the red headed
league. For 8 weeks, Mr. Wilson would leave his shop for 4 hours to go to work. However, the league seemed to have completely vanished. The league was actually a scam to get Mr. Wilson out of his home. Meanwhile, his assistant would go to the basement and dig a hole that led to the bank, he and his team would later steal from.
During the Victorian Era disguises were very important to play off as another character.
Actors and actresses took their appearance very seriously, down to the last detail.
For Ex: in the Wagner's Text it explains how the actors used wax and makeup for every detail of the character that was being played.
This concept connects to the Red-Headed League because in the story "Vincent" convinced Mr. Wilson that he is a photographer and used the store basement to work on his pictures, but in reality he is planning and digging out a tunnel to steal the Suburban Bank. Mr. Wilson believes him and doesn't disturb Vincent while he is "working".
Another part of the story is when Sherlock dresses like a

Mr. Wilson is explaining to Sherlock about his problem
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