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School Board PTL


Bre Straight

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of School Board PTL

Opportunity to be Reflective Reflect on a recent class that was your best work in supporting student learning STAR Look at the reflective STAR tool
1. Pick one of the PTL-STAR aspects of effective instruction 2. Think about which of the bulleted items you would see in observing your students’ learning were the lesson recorded. 3. Pair and share your thoughts What is Powerful Teaching & Learning in OHSD? PTL is the district-wide model of rigorous classroom instruction (teaming is encouraged) Step 1 -Training in the use of the protocol Step 2 -½ day site visit in-district Step 3-Working on learning edge(s) in classroom practice Step 4-Options include protocol visits outside district, PLC group working together in-building, registration and subs for attendance at aligned trainings to further PTL goal(s). Making the Connections Skills & Knowledge M. Hunter Teaching to an objective High Schools that Work Making Middle Grades Work Learning Targets Dufours asks What will students learn? PTL Goal 1 PTL Goal 2 PTL Goal 3 Correct level of difficulty Thinking Cognitive Demand/Rigor How will they learn it? Application Transfer Authentic Assessment Integration of Learning PTL Goal 4 Positive Relationships Feeling Tone Student Engagement Personalized Learning Protocol Visits Observe student learning Use the STAR protocol Have reflective conversation Focus on effective practice Identify their own learning edge(s) in classroom instruction Set goals and plan for self-improvement Connected to the work we are doing... Continuing conversations to support district initiatives T3 and PTL have merged... Where are we now?
Introduced: 220 Protocol visits: 150 Current groups at NWMS and OHHS 35+ Trained coaches: 14
T3 Program Tier 3 coaches: 14 Where are we going? District-wide PTL lite overview
Followed by visits &
Building-level collaboration Why is OHSD Implementing PTL? To support an environment of collaboration To improve student achievement and to increase rigor To provide common language k-12 for effective classroom practice Of Teachers Teaching with Technology Are also Involved in Powerful Teaching & Learning 75% Skills
Relationships Want to sign up for a STAR Protocol Visit? Sign up today!
or Contact Tammy McConaghy in Teaching & Learning Reflecting on Your Own Practice: Pair/Share In which of these areas do you feel the strongest?
How does this support student learning in your classroom? STAR Protocol Video
Focus on students Questions? PTL used as a foundation for
Instructional Decision Making
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