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Learning to Fly...

No description

Terry Donahue Cousins

on 18 July 2016

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Transcript of Learning to Fly...

Overcoming preconceived notions
at take off
Incorporating Simulation into the Event
Batch to One Piece Flow
Assemble Line to Work cell
Learning to Fly...
RIE Takeoff to Landing

Maintaining Flight Path
High level
Minute by Minute Detail
Handling Turbulence
Respect the human side of change...
Get feedback... listen to understand
Use data & positivity
Simulate the experiment with Rapid PDCA

Enjoy the Flight
Spending time in the Flight Simulator
Rapid PDCA
Scoping the Project
Problem Statement "Pain Points"
Target Condition /Goal Statement
Resource Support & Roles

Literature & Research
LEAN Management & VSM
Articles "Success Stories"
Stand on the X
Process Observations
Staff Interviews
Tracer Study + TAT Data
FTQ Study
" We have to feel that the new behavior is worthwhile, that it is possible to learn, that there will be guidance, coaching, and support to get us started, and that there will be opportunities to practice."
-Edgar H Schein Humble Inquiry
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