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Amish Powerpoint

Amish Religion

Nick Stockhauser

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Amish Powerpoint

The Amish by Nick Stockhauser The Amish Way of Life Religious Practices Chain of Command Ceremonies and Traditions Miscellaneous Facts: Transportation Amish Communities Schooling Economics of the Amish Founding Amish Beliefs/Practices About the Amish What is the Amish Religion? The Mennonite faith was founded by Menno Simmons
A lack of discipline among the Mennonites caused Jacob Amman to form the Amish movement The Amish are considered a conservative Christian faith with Anabaptist traditions
Many of their beliefs are identical to those of many Fundamentalist and other Evangelical religions Adult Baptisms are performed
Belief in the Blessed Trinity, the virgin birth, incarnation, sinless life, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and atonement
one lives after death eternally
salvation is a gift from God while Hell is the punishment
Bible's authors were inspired by God, and was written without error
Satan exists as a living being
Belief in the separation of Church and States The Amish make their money by the products they make to non-Amish people
examples: home furnishings, foods, soaps, and other wood structures
Amish will also be hired by people to do certain services
These services include building sheds, houses, or barns To live as a member of the Amish, you must abide by its rules on how to live
These rules vary from community to community
Most Amish must live in rural farmer conditions without certain modern conveniences Rumspringa: the time between age 14 to 16 where youth aren't held accountable to the code of conduct the Amish society believes in

Amish Baptisms: dedication of oneself to the Amish faith is usually done at age 16

The Tradition of Songs: Amish traditionally sing without being accompanied by instruments

The Communion Services: symbolically receiving Jesus' body and blood Amish children go to school kindergarten through eighth grade
After that, they are given the choice to test for their high school GED
After leaving school, they will study and learn the skills they need to know for their career Horse and buggy is the most common form of transportation
For farther distances, Amish depend upon hired drivers to take them where they need to go Amish The Amish community is divided into church districts with around 75 baptized members (it is a small number because there are usually no Amish churches, so they normally meet in a member's home)
Each district has a bishop, two to four preachers, and an elder and is very independent
There are no Amish general or cooperative agencies Amish are not allowed have clothes with zippers
Amish do not use any symbols in their worship
Different groups of the Amish community have different requirements
Groups in the Amish are always changing in response to modern advances in technology The Amish Religion "The Amish." - ReligionFacts. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Sept. 2012.
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Interview of Owen Mullet (Amish Resident of Adams County) Work Cited:
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