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Continous Improvement2


Ryan Wells

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Continous Improvement2

IT Department Continuous improvment Plan Measurement Dollars Saved
Tasks Complete
Uptime Historical "Stay on target" graph Why do we need to improve this?
remain competitive with foreign companies who have less labor and overhead burden
standardize outputs of processes that utilize IT Services
Increased revenue without increased headcount Who are the performers?
Jessica - TK409
Chris - TK430
Steve- TK460
Ryan - TK479
Tom - TK474
Brian - TK426 Feedback Action Plan Implement continous improvment project
Plan Kickoff
Change Charts
Plan Celebrations Study Processes Causes of PRoblems Using VNC for remote admin
Agile Development Methods
service monitoring
Fixing things "BIG"
staff availability
Friendly Customer Service
Find Level 1 savings
hopper Good practices 3 2 4 Baseline profit
Baseline - Dollars saved in Oct, Nov 2009 $100,000 5 Goals implement known good practices
Wear our customers shoes
Adopt Agile development methods
standardize remote admin software
Maintain consolodated task list
eliminate root causes for downtime
wider range of work hours
Follow up with customers 6 Weekly "Stay on target"
3 "ships" at uptime/delivery intervals
Target reticle = current score 7 8 Kill marks
weekly Target acievment
discretionary effort Reinforcement cost sub goals
advances movie timeline
cut-scene describes celebration 50% of revenue is material
10% of revenue is labor
22% of revenue is overhead
18% of revenue is Margin 9 Stakeholders
IT Team
Senior Managers
FUnctional group leaders 10 Weekly Monday Afternoon Meetings
Stay on Target Score
Cost timeline
Things done Well
What went poorly
next tasks Kickoff Discuss
Projects Value to Organization
Honest Feedback from customers Manage Effort service Outages
Network outages
Duplicate data entry
poor project prioritization
information availability
Dissimilar systems Project LIst - B/F board
(-) uptime
(+) delivery TIMELINE - Records profit increases and moves ship along movie timeline Increased Cost savings
New Goal - $500,000
Sub goal - $25,000 increments Pinpoint - As Recruits into Darth Vaders' 501st legion you have been called upon to
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