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Friendship Lesson 5th grade 2013

friendship values and problems

Shelagh Fowler

on 4 January 2016

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Transcript of Friendship Lesson 5th grade 2013

Making friends and
keeping friends
What qualities and characteristics should a good friend have?

With your group come up with a list of at least 4 qualities of a good friend.
Let's List Them
What qualities and Characteristics
should a good friend have?
Think back to when you made a new friend......
Haters gonna hate

You find out your friend said something mean about you to another friend.
WIll everybody
Be your friend?
With your group, brainstorm a list of at least 4 ways to lose your friends.

Are these ways that you can lose friends?

Embarrassing them Name calling
Not being truthful Pressuring them
Talking behind their back Rolling your eyes
Making fun of their ideas Being negative
Yelling at them Ignoring them

Saying things that are hurtful instead of helpful!
Making it all about you!

What could you do?
Your friend is ignoring you
and doesn't want to hang
out with you at recess.
Things that hurt friendships.............

* Have lunch together
* Play together at recess
* Do things outside of school with each other
*Make eye contact
* Say hello
*Be a good listener
*Share talking time
*Ask questions
*Say positive things about one another

What are some ways
to make new friends?
One sided vs. two sided conversations

Once in a while, conflict arises in friendships.

In order to keep your friends, you must be able to communicate calmly and politely.
To solve conflicts...
try using the 4 A's


-Open Minded


No, but we are all classmates who are part of the same school family. Everyone is expected to display great character.

Character is doing what's right when no one is looking. Behaving with kindness and tolerance towards other is the sign of great character.

It says more about your character if you try to avoid unnecessary conflict. Treat each other with respect and continue to
What could you do?
What could you do?
Your friend is ignoring you and avoiding you at recess.
What could you do?
Your friend had a party
and didn't invite you.
What could you do?
Your classmates don't play outdoor games fairly.
Agree that the best solution
is one that works for everyone.
Ask for help if
you need it.
Always listen to all points of view.
Always be inclusive,
not exclusive.
Strangers are friends you
haven't met yet!

Friends are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of LIFE!
My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.

Are YOU sharing talking time?
Did YOU know?
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