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GCSE Music from the Caribbean

No description

Guy Forbat

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of GCSE Music from the Caribbean

Welcome to Carnival !
Calypso Music!
music originated in the 20th century in Trinidad and Tobago
It fused European Music (from the slave trade) and African music
Often about island life, and personal political views
Memorable, catchy tunes
Simple Chords
singer with guitar or a bigger groups with brass, saxophones and drums
Learning Objectives:
1) To be able to play salsa rhythms

2)To be able to play a salsa montuno
Steel Pans:
Became popular in the middle of the 20th Century
Used by the Islanders to play Calypso Music! - Now it's your turn!
Learning Objectives
1) To be able to describe the characteristics of the Calypso in context

2) To be able to compare Calypso with other types of Caribbean Music
Learning Objectives
To know the characteristics of Salsa music
To know how a salsa rhythm section works.
Remember - Salsa Music is played
all around the Caribbean !
Salsa Music
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