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Dahi Sunum


Yapay Teknoloji

on 28 December 2013

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Transcript of Dahi Sunum


Sample Order
"I want a big italiano pizza without onion at six o'clock and pay by credit card."
Business&Development Model - 1

Meal Order

Home Automation
Another app
Thank you
Virtual Assistants
and Investment Trends
Business&Development Model - 2
- As service call for machines
All end user interface interactions will be directly managed by service provider

- As service provider
End user transaction comes directly into DAHI or another center app

Anthr app
Project status
Development&Test is completed
Pilot process on Android
Future plans
Multi languages support (en,ru) (5/2014)
Application enablement and development platform (11/2014)
Home automation with Dahi
First trial with a partner : Q2/2014
Order Add-on to Dahi (Dahi.S)
Order by speaking or writing
Multiple services ( Flower,Meal , Gift etc)

Process example For Meal
- Order given by speech
- Dahi comments the speech
- Dahi waits for user approve
- Order is sent to service provider
Extension to Dahi : Dahi.S ?
Status & Future Plans
There are over twenty virtual assistants exist
Most popular : Siri and Google Now
The biggest investment for a virtual assistant :75M $
Smallest amount of investment for a virtual assistant : 1M $
Average : 15M $ - 8M $

Turkish personal virtual assistant
Understands and speaks Turkish
Ability to process commands
Ability to learn
Acts intuitive
Ability to predict
Our Product : Dahi
Our Advantages
Strong Turkish language processing algorithm
Multiple service support with one user interface
Only DAHI has semantic meal ordering system in the world, which is very sophisticated subject.
Application enablement and development platform for third party companies and individuals
Only one global competitor exists in terms of semantic shopping system (Wolfram Alpha - just ENG)
Smart TV
Super Market
Water Order
Play Music
Servis - API
via bluetooh
consists of 4 people
a small but strong team
found 2012
Study Areas
NLP and Machine learning
Personal Virtual (Ordering) Assistant
Dahi fulfills wishes of users by understanding what they are naturally said
In a survey of one thousand consumers (by Nuance 2013):
%61 of people responded to use virtual assistant on their smartphones
%57 of poeple do have virtual assistant
%75 of them always have their mobile at hand or on them
%66 of men and %71 of women named their virtual assistant
%81 of them find virtual assistant useful
Most useful features ; Getting directions, sending text, searching the web.
There is no virtual assistant which really understands Turkish language
Wolframalpha is only firm which has virtual order assistant through BestBuy but no one is in Turkish
There is no meal order virtual assistant in worldwide
Amazon bought Evi in order to make ordering virtual assistant
Everybody will use personal virtual assistants in future according to Nuance
According to "Our Mobile Planet", in Turkey %50 young population has smartphone (2013)
Yapay Technology
Servis - API

Meal Order

Home Automation
Smart TV
Super Market
Water Order
Play Music
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