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Industry and Academia Collaboration Agenda Points

Agenda Slides during Industry and Academia Collaboration Panel during Computer Science Summit 2012

Arjumand Younus

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Industry and Academia Collaboration Agenda Points

Academia in Pakistan Very few PhDs Academia Way Forward for Academia and Industry Collaboration Role of academia Industry It produces solutions that solve local needs and may also produce solutions for international needs Industry in Pakistan Heavily dominated by small groups Academia-Industry Collaboration on International Level Student support programs How to Achieve Win-Win Situation Academia and Industry Role of industry Models of successful collaboration in other parts of the world: Lessons for us Foundation needed by state for proper functioning: workforce created through academia So it's not just a trend to have academia but something driven by need What is academia? Generally produces researchers and engineers Imagine a circle that contains all of human knowledge By the time you finish elementary school you know a little By the time you finish high school you know a bit more With a bachelor's degree you gain a specialty A master's degree deepens that specialty Reading research papers takes you to the edge of human knowledge Once you're at the boundary you focus You push at the boundary for a few years Until one day the boundary gives away And that dent you've made is called a PhD The dents created by academia are not visible, why? Even if they were once visible, they have not been maintained Funding: no active body like NSF (National Science Foundation, United States) No industry-driven project inside academia What is industry? So outsourced simple solutions may not help building an independent industry Helps in strengthening academia with different ways which in turn goes back to Industry for innovation and leading from front Gap between industry and academia in Pakistan No observable visionary policy Minimal utilization of skills cultivated
by academia Bidding over labor-intensive foreign needs Least utilization by State for local needs Industry almost never publishes Software, dataset and equipment Workshops Presence on campus and in conferences Provides employment Questionable curriculum PhD funding, Teaching/Research awards, Internships leading to publications Student poster presentations Some examples to learn from: Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Program, Open Source Software such as Hadoop, Google Faculty Summit, QCRI model of Arab world, South Korea's model, EU FP7 model
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