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Puerto Rico

No description

Samantha Reeder

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
By: Sam and Neilly
The government of Puerto Rico is a commonwealth association with the US. In Purto Rico they have authority over international affairs. It is a no taxation without representation country. When ever the people vote on if they want to be apart of America still, they always end up still being apart of the US because not all people said so.
The history of Puerto Rico. In 1493 Puerto Rico was found by Christopher Columbus, and was originally called San Juan Bautista. Later it was changed to Puerto Rico "rich port". Next, the island started producing cattle, sugar, coffee and tobacco. Which lead to slaves being imported form all over Africa.
Puerto Rico has many ecosystems. They have the many reefs, tropical rain forests, sea grasses and some coastal plains. In these places are home to may animals. In the reefs, many fish and other sea life live their. The rain forests hold many types of birds and many other interesting animals.
These are the homes of the animals. The coral and the rain forests hold many things.
The island of Puerto Rico and it's geography are very special. It is located in between the Carrabian sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Puerto Rico has other smaller islands like San Juan, which is the capital of the country. It is about 100 miles long by 35 miles wide. It's Latitude is 18º 15" N, Longitude 66º 30"W. This is some of the geography in the country.
This is a map of Puerto Rico and the places in it.
Today in Puerto Rico you can see a mixture of culture, races and heritages. This diversity is due to its history. In the early 18th century, the Spanish took over the island, which after years of cohabitation, the Spaniards mixed with the indigenous people, the Taíno. Later on, African slaves were imported to do farm work and build roads. Many other immigrants came to Puerto Rico. The Chinese, Italians, French, German, and even Lebanese people came. More people came to Puerto Rico in the 1960's. One thousand Cubans fled from Fidel Caltro's communist state.
Food and Drinks
Puerto Rican food is very unique because it has a mix of Spanish, African, Taíno, and American foods. For example coriander , papaya, cacao, nispero, apio, plantains, and yampee. Locals call their cuisine "cocina criolla" The food is very good and has many tastes.

English as a second language! Yes, in Puerto Rico spanish is the first language. There is definatly a majority of people in Puerto Rico that are not proficient in English. Just aboout 20% of Puerto Rican people are fluent in English. Language has been a issue in Puerto Rican schools and improving there English.
Aguadilla is a very nice place. In this picture, it shows the old ruins of a light house in Puerto Rico. People lived in the light house over 200 years ago. This a very recomended and beautiful place to go.
Dorado Puerto Rico is a very amazing to go it is famous for its dazziling beaches and enchanting ecosystems.
San Juan!
ocean park beach. San Juan is a very superb place to be. There are many things to do. You can either be getting a nice tan at Ocean Park Beach or have a nice dinner, everything will be awesome! It isi famous for its beaches and amazing resterants.
Rincon is an graceful place to go in Puerto Rico. It is famous for its ripling beachs.
Rio Grande!
Welcome to Rio Grande! It is famous for its lush rainforests and cristal clear ocean waters.
Work Sited
Our minds
Thanks for listing!
From Sam and Neilly
Flag of Puerto Rico
The flag was first used on December 22, 1895. The Puerto Rican flag consists of 5 alternate red and white stripes. The three red strips symbolize the blood that feeds those parts of the government. The two white stripes symbolizing the rights of man and the freedom of the individual, are a perpetual reminder of the need for vigilance of a democratic government is to be preserved.
Peñuelas is the valley of flame trees. Peñuelas was founded in 1793 by Diego de Alvarado.
January 2
Año Nuevo (New Year's Day)
January 1, 2006, (the legal public holiday for New Years Day) falls on a Sunday.
January 6 Día de los Tres Reyes Magos (Three Kings Day)
January 9 Conmemoracióon del Natalicio de Eugenio María de Hostos (Eugenio María de Hostos Birthday)
(second Monday in January)
January 16 Conmemoración del Natalicio de Martin Luther King, Jr. (Martin Luther King Birthday)
(third Monday in January)
February 14 Día de San Valentín (Valentine's Day)
February 20 Día de los Presidentes (Presidents' Day)
(third Monday in February)
March 22 Día de la Abolición de la Esclavitud (Emancipation Day)
April 14 Viernes Santo (Good Friday)
April 15 Conmemoración del Natalicio de José de Diego (José de Diego Birthday)
(third Monday in April)
April 16 Domingo de la Resurrección (Easter)
May 14 Día de las Madres (Mother's Day)
(second Sunday in May)
May 29 Memorial Day
(last Monday in May)
June 18 Día de los Padres (Father's Day)
(third Sunday in June)
July 4 Día de la Independencia de Estados Unidos (Independence Day)
July 17 Conmemoración del Natalicio de Luis Muñoz Rivera (Luis Muñoz Rivera's Birthday)
(third Monday in July)
July 25 Conmemoración del Estado Libre Asociado (Commonwealth of Puerto Rico)
July 27 Conmemoración del Natalicio de José Celso Barbosa (José Celso Barbosa Birthday)
September 4 Día del Trabajo (Labor Day)
(first Monday in September)
October 9 Descubrimiento de América (Columbus Day)
November 10 Día del Veterano (Veteran's Day)
November 11, 2006, (the legal public holiday for Veteran's Day) falls on a Saturday.
November 19 Día del Descubrimiento de Puerto Rico (Discovery of Puerto Rico Day)
November 23 Día de Acción de Gracias (Thanksgiving Day)
(fourth Thursday in November)
December 25 Navidad (Christmas Day)
The capital of Puerto Rico.
Thanks for watching!
Hears a viedo of Puerto Rico!
Good Bye sassy people!
Thank you for being sassy and watching!
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