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World War II and Medical Advances

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Allie Beaurline

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of World War II and Medical Advances

These artifacts are about the medical advances made in medicine during World War IL . World War II and Medicine Penicillin was invented during WWII times. It is an antibitic developed by Alexander Fleming. He discovered this in 1928. Penicillin was mass produced during the war, & was very helpful to wounded soldiers who might develop infections. The discovery and use of sulfanilamide http://www.ww2sci-tech.org/essays/essay2_2.html DDT was used during WWII. It was an injection that helped keep mosquitoes & other insects away. It was used as an insecticide in the 1940s-1970s. DDT might have helpd prevent malaria & its spread.

http://www.treehugger.com/clean-technology/ddt-concentrations-may-be-increasing-in-northern-oceans.html DDT EKG Machine The Use of Morphine The drug , Sulfanilamide was discovered by a German biochemist, Gerhard Johannes Paul Domagk discovered the drug & published his findings in 1935. This drug could be used also to treat infections caused by bacteria. This drug was put in a pouch, which soldiers wore on their belt, and when wounded, could sprinkle on the wound.

http://www.mtaofnj.org/content/WWII%20Combat%20Medic%20-%20Dave%20Steinert/wwii.htm. This is an EKG (electrocardiogram) developed between 1900 & 1903. Williem Einthoven develped this EKG machine. The machine confirmed instances of a heart attack, atrial fibrillation, and heart block.

http://adoseofhistory.com/category/military-psychiatry/medicine-in-wwii/ In 1943, morphine was used during WWII as a painkiller. Morphine was offered to wounded soldiers. What is called a syrette was used to help administer the morphine. A syrette is like a miniature toothpaste tube that held the morphine. The pharmaceutical company called Squibb developed this way to administer morphine.

http://www.mtaofnj.org/content/WWII%20Combat%20Medic%20-%20Dave%20Steinert/wwii.htm First aeromedical evacuation flight October 26, 1940 marked the first flight of aeromedical evacuation of sick and/or wounded soldiers. At first, aeromedical evacuation was considered dangerous. But then, advancements were made & it became safer to transport soldiers by air. A P-51 mustang aircraft was used to transport soldiers.
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