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No description

Christi Peoples

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Perception

Perception of Self
The three words I would use to describe myself are:
Perception of Others
People I admire are:

JJ Watt
Eleanor Roosevelt
Robert Downey Jr.
Social Issues
I am passionate about stopping animal abuse.

When I was little I saw a man drag his dog down the street, yelling at it the whole way. It had a burr in its paw and the man would not stop to help it. I can still hear the horrible noises the puppy was making while it was dragged down the street.
STOP Animal Abuse
I volunteer at the Humane Society once a month.
I believe we should honor our Armed Forces
My uncle is a combat medic and has served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Sometimes he is asked by random people on the street why we were in Iraq when there were no WMDs found. This makes him extremely uncomfortable and he always says, "That's politics. I was just trying to survive and do my job."
“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”
-Wayne W. Dyer
J.J. Watt
I admire JJ Watt because he is the best in his position in the NFL, he always strives for greatness, he isn't "flashy" or all about money, and he supports the armed forces.
Combat Medics in Afghanistan, 2014
How I See the World &
How the World Sees Me

My locker is divided into sections, one for each subject. My supplies never get mixed up!
I have photos of all of the clothes in my closet so I can easily create outfits.
I created a new system for my 5th grade teacher for how she stored student work.
If I am supposed to be somewhere, I'm there! I've had perfect attendance every year since third grade.
I keep all of my appointments in a planner that I never go anywhere without.
I've never been late anywhere...my dad says to watch out or I'll "be early to my own funeral!"
It doesn't take much for me to get annoyed with my brother. My mom kept a record of how many fights we had in one week, and it was over 50 arguments!
When people at school annoy me, I can't just ignore it, I have to tell them to knock it off. I get in trouble with my teachers for talking, but really I am usually telling kids to get on task.
My coach gave me the nickname "spark plug." He said you never know what might set me off!
Eleanor Roosevelt
Ms. Roosevelt shaped my perception of life when I heard her quote, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Now I know that whatever people say about me doesn't matter unless I believe it to be true. If it's not true, it doesn't matter.
Robert Downey, Jr.
My mom told me that RDJ used to be the "Lindsay Lohan" of the 80s. I researched him a little and learned that from 1996-2001 RDJ was a heavy drug user and he was fired from a lot of movies. Since 2002, RDJ has been sober and has regained the respect of everyone in the industry.

RDJ changed the public's perspective on himself by becoming a dependable actor who gave his best performances.
Perception is reality. What we think we know is what we know. We can grow as people by opening our minds and hearts to possibilities we haven't yet thought of. Judging people before knowing them means you might be missing out on someone amazing.
Phoebe Prince
If I could talk to Phoebe, I'd tell her...
Phoebe Prince was a 15 year old girl from Ireland who was living in Massachusetts. She was the victim of severe bullying. She eventually hanged herself because she couldn't handle the torment.
I want to ask Phoebe...
How come you couldn't just hold on?
Why did you let them get to you?
Why did you leave your family?
Talk to someone.
Ask for help.
Fight back.
Hold on.
Don't give up.

Suicides because of Cyber Bullying in 2012
Ciara Pugsley, 15
Erin Gallagher, 13
Shannon Gallagher, 15
Erin & Shannon were sisters and committed suicide within 2 months of each other.
Jessica Laney, 16
Anthony Stubbs, 16
Joshua Unsworth, 15
Daniel Perry, 17
Hannah Smith, 14
Rebecca Sedwick, 12

"U seriously deserve 2 die"
"drink bleach"
"nobody cares about u"
"no 1 likes u"
"ur fat"
"are u gay?"
Why did the perception of a total stranger affect these teens so much that they took their own lives? These are questions we will probably never know the answer to.

Perception on the Internet
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