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Freedom Writers- changes of eva and ms.gruwell

No description

Klarabeth Kerve

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Freedom Writers- changes of eva and ms.gruwell

Freedom Writers- Changes of
Ms. Gruwell and Maria Reyes (Eva)

Maria Reyes (Eva)
Ms. Gruwell
Ms. Gruwell's first change is when she realizes that her class isn't going to repect or listen to her. When she realizes this, she knows that she needs to change the way she's teaching the class and show them that school is worth their time.
I hope you enjoyed our presentation!
Thank you for listening!
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Freedom Writers- Changes of Ms. Gruwell and Maria Reyes (Eva)
The first change that Eva goes through is discovering other people in her class have experienced what she has gone through, like loosing her friends and family members. She stops being so rude to her other classmates and begins to open her eyes and see that they are all alike.
The second change is
when she decides that
her classes are more
important to her than
anything else.
The second change Eva goes through is showing respect. At first she would talk back to Ms. Gruwell, leave the class without permission, question her teaching skills and laugh at her ways of trying to connect with the students. After she realized what she was doing, she started to accept Ms. Gruwell and find out that she is just there to help.
The third and final change is when she decides
that she has to take responsibility for her
classes (making sure she can teach them for junior and senior years) so that they can have better futures.
Maria Reyes (Eva)
Eva's Background
~ Comes from a lower class living community
~ Is part of a gang
~ Her family is hispanic
~ She said that she would protect every member of the gang no matter what.
~ She looks up to her dad as a role model
Eva's Personality
~ She isn't open about herself to anybody
~ She is rude and talks back to the teacher
~ She is assumes that school is a waste of time
~ She despises white people because of what they did to her father and friends
Maria Reyes (Eva)
The last change that Eva goes through is to accept others and not ignore them or make fun of them, like when she discovered she had to move with her aunt because she might be killed or badly hurt because she told the truth about one of the gang members killing somebody. So she stayed later in class and Sindy, a Cambodian girl, comes and offers to do her make-up and Eva accepts her friendship.
Ms. Gruwell's personality
~ Determined
~ Stubborn
~ Smart
~ Creative

Ms. Gruwell's Background
~ She grew up in a wealthy family
~ She argues with her dad
~ She had a good childhood
~ She doesn't have to deal with what her students go through (fear of being killed, getting arrested, getting into a fight)
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