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Vikas Leadership School

Ravichhandran Halasyam

on 26 February 2013

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photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Vision mission To impart world class holistic education with a curriculum of excellence so as to bring out the best academics pursuit in children reinforcing their intellectual, physical and analytical development through qualitative learning. To endeavour to create a learning environment that induces learners to be highly successful by providing caring, safe, child-centric ambience, fostering self esteem and a sense of responsibility, nurturing their innate talents to attain the pinnacles of success From being traditional to trendy EG is a unique school as it is the First Eco School
and the First Cutting Edge School in Hyderabad Welcomes You
to Schools approaches
and commitments Shri Koteswara Rao
Chairman A Presentation to
Corporates Chairman , Samaikya Educations HUDA LAYOUT,Nallagandla
BHEL,Financial district, Tellapur,Citizen Hospital, Teachers
Training for teachers
total quality communication
emotional stabilities
conversant tools and technology. TaranTallegra To Flambe -
The Inter school competetion Zoi - The Exhibition Problem solving
Challenge Based education
Skill based education
HOT-Higher Order Thinking skills Modular Programs
Computer Science
Community work. Eg's Resource development
14 agencies, websites & Resources
British Council
Discovery Education
Training Magazine network. virtual environment
Schematic induction
Safe hands
High Morale
Train self esteem package Thanks teachers
77% A* Grade overall
70% A* in Math,Science etc.
Formative &Summative assessment
CCE Scheme + PLTS
Structured programme in Spanish,English & Maths. Diane Latikar,
Eddie Canales &
Richard St Dennis Malala Yousafzai Board Games
Story Writing, Weaver Bird, Painting,
Read & Rhyme, Extempore Speech, Dance. BMI- At Ideal Levels. Project :
British Council
Climate Change- How can we help. British council,
Discovery education
Training Mag Network NASA DL Network
Challenger mission
Moon Mars and Beyond
Kathlene, Lori Kudlak Vivek Mehrothra
Howard Gardner
Carol Reed Training
240 hours ,3 saturdays a month dedication
ethos EG's resource development
14 agencies,websites
85000 smart lessons,million clips Knowledge
skill Challenge based education
Problem solving
Skill based education
HOT-higher order thinking skills
modular programmes in yoga, computers, games virtual environs
schematic induction
safe hands
high morale Intel's six Modules Highlights
excellent Feedback
NASA ,TES story,weaver
dance prefect orial system
Investiture Ceremony Eye checkup & Dental Checkup Camps Children's Day Modular approach in Games Flambe -Inter School Competetions. Thank you so much!!! World Food Programme
Team Rice Subiksha. Awareness Programmes Eye Checkup & Dental Checkup Students Showcasing. Teachers Showcasing.
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