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Armenian Genocide

No description

Stanley Chiang

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Armenian Genocide

15. Secret messages are sent to local governments for the extermination of the Armenians in Turkey.
24. 800 Armenians Armenian leaders are arrested and killed in Constantinople. This is the beginning of the official genocide.

15. Law enacted that allows Turkish refugees into the homes and lands belonging to the Armenians
27. Law is enacted which concerns the displacement of "suspicious persons": any military officer can relocate populations on suspicion of treason.
301 AD King of Armenia Tiridates III converts to Christianity and it becomes official religion of Armenia
Islam founded in Arabia in 7th century and becomes official religion of Armenia's surrounding countries
Consequently, Armenians had to go through many hardships, persecution, abuse, and discrimination
Many warning signs
Context Continued
End of 19th century Russia defeats Turkey in war
2.5 million Armenians ruled by Turks in west
1.5 million Armenians ruled by Russians in east
Ottoman's and Russians fear uprisings and tighten grip on Armenians
Turks massacre over 150,000 Armenians between 1894-1896
The Tsar in Russian Armenia closes Armenian schools, libraries,newspaper offices, and Christian church in 1903
Ottoman Sultan(ruler) overthrown by Young Turks in 1909
World War I starts, Turks side with Germany
Turks expect Armenians to side with pro-Christian Russians
By Gavan Singh
Armenians are demobilized and disarmed.

26. Secret meeting by War Minister Enver and seventy-five top ranking Ittihadists finalizes details to the plan to carry out the genocide (thought to have been drafted years before).

15. Twenty-one leaders of the Hunchakian party, the oldest Armenian political party, are hanged.

1916 August 19
Decree abolishes the national Armenian constitution of 1863, in violation of Article 61 of the Treaty of Berlin concerning religious freedom.

1917 January 1
Turks condemn the 1878 Treaty of Berlin, especially Article 61, which deals with religious freedom.
World War I begins. At first, the Armenians fight for Turkey
Young Turks

Henry Morgenthau Sr.


Turkish Officials
By Gavan Singh
Genocide: Yes or No?
By: Tejas Kaladi
1. Classification
2. Symbolization
3. Dehumanization
1915 Cont.
4. Organization
5. Polarization
6. Identification
7. Extermination
8. Denial
By: Stanley Chiang
Young Turks
Armenians (Non-Muslim/Christian)
Most of the Armenians were Christians.
(second class citizens)
Because they were "second-class citizens", they were excluded out and was considered only as part of a person.
Many Young Turks found it humane to treat the Armenians as animals
They were also given unfair laws
This is an example of dehumanization during this genocide.
The Armenian Genocide was carried out by a group called the "Young Turks", or the"Committee of Union and Progress" (CUP).
Leader included:
Mehmet Talaat
Ismail Enver
Ahmed Jemal
They also had a group called the "Special Organization".
False propaganda stated by the Ottoman authorities spread
Armenians will kill the CUP members
Armenians are siding with the Russians
"Spies, infidels (non-believers of a religion), traitors."
Armenians were exterminated in many ways:
Political and community leaders were taken away and executed
Able bodied-men were forced into hard labor
Women and children were forced into a death march into the Syrian Desert.
The modern Turkish government still fails to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide
"Merely a relocation of people from one place to another"
When the topic is addressed, they immediately ignore it or change the topic
By: Tejas Kaladi
1915 Final
Armenians lost all wealth/property
Businesses, schools, hospitals, etc. became Turkish property

declared Armenia a separate country
Turkey was punished by Allied Powers
for many criminals acts against humanity

Genocide has ended in 1918
Still denied to this day by Turkey
The Armenian

The armistice of Moudros ends the war between the Allies and Turkey. Global estimates of the campaign of extermination: close to 1,500,000 Armenians dead.
Armenians were identified by their looks and the way they behaved. When revolts were staged, the Turks would exterminate the Armenians.
Gavan Singh
Stanley Chiang

Tejas Kaladi
Chris Guan

By Chris Guan

An example of extermination
Peace Treaty of Sèvres
Was it Enough?
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