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Semi Colon

this will teach you how to use semi colons

Nathanael Manning

on 4 February 2011

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Transcript of Semi Colon

Semicolons Rule #1 Use a semicolon in place of a
period, in order to separate two
clauses or sentences, where the
conjunction has been left out. For example I hate going to the store; I have bad
memories associated with it.
The noodles were too hot; they had
just come out of the oven. By Nathanael Manning Rule #2 A semicolon should be used with a conjunctive adverb and a comma to show the relationship between two closely related complete sentences. For example George went for breakfast; however,
the diner was closed.
The diner was closed; therefore,
George had to go home and make his own breakfast. Rule #3 Semicolon can be used to separate a long
list of items, especially if the items have
been separated using commas. For example For spring break I am going to go to
Lake Havasu, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada;
and Monaray Bay County, California. Rule #4 Use semicolons before introductory
adverbs. For example I love all types of noodles; for example,
vermicelli, bucatini, and taglierini. The End
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