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All the Troubles of the World

No description

Hellen Xu

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of All the Troubles of the World

Plot & Conflicts
Important Passages
All the Troubles of the World
By Isaac Asimov
Story Elements
Presented by: Hellen, James, Jane, Emma, Derek
pg. 264
-Carries all the facts and secrets of everyone on Earth
-He sees patterns in human behavior to predict events and crimes
-Directs Earth's economy and helps Earth's science
-Protagonist? Antagonist? Both?
-God like figure

Ben Manners
Bernard Gulliman
Ali Othman

-Happiest & most excited 16 year old in Baltimore
-Caring, Loving, Intelligent
-“His older brother was going to be sworn in, so his parents had applied for speculator’ tickets and they allowed Ben to do so, too. But when Multivac chose among all the applicants, it was Ben who got the ticket.”-pg 267
-Knows between right and wrong
-Looked like one of Dr. Trumbull’s pages

-Chairman of the world's greatest industry
-Strict, over pompous, impatient, firm
-Has a reputation to maintain
-“He blessed his luck that he had come in at the right time, at the very climax of Multivac, when disease, too, could be placed under it’s all-embracing and protecting knowledge. Gulliman would prosper by this.”-Pg 270.
-Selfish, greedy
-Jowled & balding head

-One of the co-ordinators of Multivac
-"Dark Complexion & sharp black eyes which seemed restless."
-Professional & Intelligent
-Thinks before taking action
-First person who realizes Multivac's plan
-Accepts the fact that they can't use Multivac anymore
Published August 1955
Published November 1956
Published April 1958
-Manners family
-Rafe Leemy
-Randolph T. Hoch
-Harold Quimbly

Supporting characters
Plot Summary
Plot Outline
Narrator introduces us to Multivac.

Initiating Event:
Gulliman find out that there are two first-degree murders predicted.

Rising Action:
Joeseph Manners get arrested.

Ben Manners goes to Multivac for help and then recieves his instructions.

Falling Action:
Othman and Gulliman realize what Multivac was planning all along.

Multivac wants to die; he can't handle all the troubles of the world.
Major Conflicts:

Person vs. Technology
-Gulliman wants Multivac to survive while Multivac wants to die

Technology vs. Itself
-Multivac wants to die but unintentionally prevents that from happening

Person vs. Nature
-The people want to go against the nature of dealing with their own problems

Minor Conflicts:

Society vs. Person
-Joeseph Manners gets arrested by the society even though he is innocent
-The Narrator introduces us to Multivac, Bernard Gulliman, and Ali Othman

-They find out that two first-degree murders have been predicted

-We get to know the Manners family

-Ben witnesses the swearing-in process

-Joseph Manners is under house arrest

-Gulliman looks at the possiblilites of expanding Multivac's capabilities

-The probability of murder increases

-Joseph Manners gets arrested

-Ben Manners wants to ask Multivac for help

-We are introduced to Harold Quimby

-The probablity of murder still goes up even with

-Joesph Manners under arrest

-Othman and Leemy realize that Ben is the murder, not Joeseph

-Ben recieves his instructions from Multivac on how he can help his dad

-Othman, Leemy, and Gulliman find out that Ben wants to assassinate Multivac

-Ben gets taken by two gaurds, but doesn't get in trouble

-Gulliman and Othman talk about Multivac's grand plan

-Othman says that even though Multivac failed this time, one day he will succeed

-Gulliman and Othman find out that Multivac wants to die more than anything else
Tableau Time
Group 1:
The introduction-Multivac, Gulliman, and/or Ali Othman. (Pg. 263)

Group 2:
Initiating Event- Two murders are predicted. (Pg. 265)

Group 3:
Rising Action- Joseph Manners gets arrested. (Pgs. 272 & 273)

Group 4:
The Climax-Ben goes to Multivac for help. (Pgs. 274 & 277)

Group 5:
Falling Action-Multivac's plan is revealed to Gulliman and Othman.
(Pgs. 279 & 280)

Group 6:
Multivac wants to die. (Pg.281)
: don't know what to expect
have to solve who the person is that is trying to attemp first degree murders
don't know if they're on the right track and why multivac wants to die
everything that's going on in this story is off, you know something isn't right
Washington, D.C: beginning of the story where multivac is located and in the end when they discover what the real problem is
Stadium on the outskirts of town: where teenagers who are turning into adults have to be sworn at
Manners Household: Joseph is arrested here
The greatest industry on Earth centred around Multivac-Multivac, the giant computer that had grown in fifty years until until its various ramifications had filled Washington, D.C., to the suburbs and had reached out tendrils into every city and town on Earth. (very first paragraph)
At any given moment, five million individual circuits among the quadrillion of more within Multivac might be involved in this question-and-answer program. The answers might not always be certain, but they were the best available, and every questioner knew the answer to be the best available and had faith in it. That was what counted. (2nd paragraph;pg.274)
"Multivac, what do you yourself want more than anything else?"
The moment between question and anwser lengthened unbearably, but neither Othman or Gulliman breathed. And there was a clicking and a card popped out. It was a small card. On it, in precise letters, was the answer:
"I want to die" (pg.281; very last section)
"With its knowledge of all of you, Multivac will be able to help Earth adjust its economy and its laws for the good of all. If you have a personal problem, you may come to Multivac with it and with its knowledge of all of you, Multivac will be able to help you."
"...Multivac is too good. Multivac has grown so complicated, its reactions are no longer of a machine, but those of a living thing."
Resembles Human brain to show that multivac does have a mind of his own which eventually leads to him telling them what he really wants
when Ben escapes, it foreshadows that he is going to do something about his father getting arrested and that he is up to something

Guillman wants to stop crimes however multivac does the opposite and does not even want to stop crimes anymore

third person
narrative style
had not seen two in one day in all his term as Chairman so far.
authors uses a lot of dialogue.
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