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Literary Themes

No description

Kaitlyn Hawald

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Literary Themes

A message about human nature and life that the author crafts into the plot and characters.
Love is a VERY common concept. Not all stories say the same thing about love, though.
The Power of Love focuses on what love can do for society.
Power of Love
Effects of Hatred
A person or group of people are treated badly because of a difference they have. Despite the bias, they succeed.
A message about human nature and life that the author crafts into the plot and characters.

Every story has one. If you don't enjoy a book, ask yourself what the theme is. That may change your entire perspective!
1. One word
2. One sentence
3. Clearly stated
Note: You don't have to agree!
1. Bigger than the plot
2. Will be many
3. Interpreted by reader
Harry Potter
Diary of Anne Frank

Forest Gump
The Help
Abstract ideas (thoughts or feelings)
How characters interact with each other, the setting, or events
Repeating symbols, characters, events, or words
Hatred is equal to the power of love.
Bad things usually happen to characters.
These also appear as warnings.
Coming of Age
Effects of the Past
Fall from Grace
Road not Taken
What to Look For
Theme is NOT:
Seizing the Moment
Corruption of Authority
Other Common Themes:
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