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Energy Before Carbon: Harnessing Sun, Wind, and Water

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Clif Stratton

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Energy Before Carbon: Harnessing Sun, Wind, and Water

53 BCE
221 BCE
Energy Before Carbon: Harnessing Sun, Wind, and Water
Population Growth before Industrialization:
What accounts for such steady but slow growth before the 1800s?
Central Question
How did pre-industrial energy regimes impact landscapes and politics?
Reading Quiz
Had the Ming dynasty not pursued the completion of the New Grand Canal in 1411, how and why might world history have turned out radically different, according to some historians?
Grand Canal completed by Sui in 610
China's Hydraulic Society
Small group discussion (write down responses and submit)...
Why was water management so important to centralized state authority in pre-modern China? Provide at least one specific example.
"New Grand Canal" completed by Ming in 1411
The Yellow River: "China's Sorrow"
Added by Kubilai Khan (13th century)
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