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My Favourite Show: The Walking Dead

No description

wajiha shah

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of My Favourite Show: The Walking Dead

The Plot One of my
favourite TV
shows is... The Walking Dead is
a popular T.V. show following
the story of a zombie apocalypse survival group. I really enjoy watching The Walking
Dead due to the plot, the diverse
characters, and the amazing effects. Rick, Carl, and Lori Grimes Zombies and Gore! In Turn of Events The Plot The plot behind the Walking Dead is extremely intriguing, with the suspense building in every episode. For example, in one episode, the show ends with the character Shane being killed, then somehow re-incarnating as a zombie! This shocking cliff-hanger leaves the audience surprised and itching to know more, proving that the plot is well thought out. Zombie Shane! Diverse Characters One of the things that makes The Walking Dead so
entertaining to watch are all
the different characters and their personalities. Over the episodes, we see Rick becoming more of a leader, Shane becoming less caring, and Andrea becoming more independent. All this character development makes the
show more dynamic and adds more drama. The Effects! The thrill of zombies attacking can really excite an audience, and the more realistic the zombie, the scarier! Good thing The Walking Dead does an great job at making their zombies. The Walking Dead's 22-member make-up is so talented, that they've won the Emmy for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series these past two years. The unbelievable effects make TWD
a quality show that stands out from others. In conclusion, The Walking Dead is my favourite show because of the plot, the characters, and the effects. The End
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