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The Great Greek works

No description

Ira Wong

on 1 May 2011

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Transcript of The Great Greek works

The Great Greek Works A brief timeline of Greece The great Greek writers 1184 BCE
Legendary fall of Troy 776 BCE
First Olympic games
621 BCE
Draco's code of laws for Athens 594 BCE
Solon's reform of Athenian laws 546 BCE
Fall of Lydia and Croesus 490 BCE
Battle of Marathon 480 - 479 BCE
Second invasion of Greece
Battle of Thermopylae
Battle of Salamis 457 BCE
Pericles and the Golden Age of Athens 431 BCE
Peloponnesian War begins 404 BCE
Surrender of Athens 399 BCE
Socrates put to death 342 BCE
Aristotle begins teaching son of Philip 338 BCE
Battle of Chaeronea
Rise of Macedon 336 BCE
Alexander ascends to throne Poetry Drama Historiography Philosophy Oratory Homer
Sappho Aeschylus
Euripides Aristophanes
Menander Plato
Aristotle Lysias
Demosthenes Herodotus
Xenophon 323 BCE
Death of Alexander
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