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A to Z of horses

No description

Simona Ackers

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of A to Z of horses

with extra info A to Z of horse
breeds Buckskin buckskin horses are usually a specified coat colour
and are recognized from that and are not to be
mistaken with a dun coat colour. Cremmello Cremmellos are also known for their cream coat and are a special breed different from others. Danish Warm blood Arabian arabian horses
are very highly strung
and are recognized by
their slightly dished
face and have a high
tail set. The best of the Danish Warm
Blood horses are known for
their thoroughbred outline,
strong body and strong legs. Exmoor Pony The exmoor pony is a quick sure footed pony that lives on a mountain
and is a short stocky breed with a
wide and deep chest and a level back. Fresian horse Fresians are known for their dark coat and wavy mane. they are an incredibly strong yet fairly fancy breed of horse German cold blooded horse (foal) German cold blooded horses have a short thick set neck with strong muscular legs they are often around 16-17 hands high. Halflinger Halflingers are originally from Austria and are willing and surefooted. They are also graceful and showy horses. Irish Hunter Irish hunters are powerful horses and from the clue in the name are usualy bread for hunting although are good for things like eventing. Jennet Horse Jennet horses are a spanish
breed of horse and have an
arched, medium length and
high set. Knabstrupper Knabstruppers are usually
about 15 to o16 hands high and have a fairly long lifespan. they have long sloping shoulders and their withers are well defined. Lipizzaner lipizzaners are very well
known for showing and they are predominantly a grey coat colour. They also have a very lively it is also true that a lipizzaners foals are a dark brown or black coat colour. Mustang Mustangs are very highly spirited animals that are also known to have a habit of being stubborn. Their Head is refined with a tapering muzzle, carried high & proud. Nokota These horses are descendants of wild horses, so they are generally hardy and healthy. They are able to withstand harsh conditions and they are generally easy keepers. Their wild nature makes them better suited for outdoors life where they can thrive and fulfill their social needs. Oldenburg Oldenburgs are a ty
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