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Business Meeting Etiquette

By: Jacinda Lee

Jacinda Lee

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Business Meeting Etiquette

By: Jacinda Lee Business Meeting Etiquette Do not get ready for the meeting,
in the meeting.
- bring something to write on
- powerpoint works

BE PREPARED Be on time!
- arrive at the meeting 15 minutes early
- find a seat
- get situated
ARRIVAL Do not answer phone calls, texts or emails UNLESS it's an emergency.
- if it is an emergency, take it outside ELECTRONICS Do not be rude!
- no side conversations
- hold comments until the end
INTERUPTIONS Sit up straight and pay attention.
- don't take off your shoes
- don't show signs of bordem or sleepiness DON'T GET TOO COMFORTABLE Avoid nervous habits.
- tapping pen
- making noise with your mouth
- playing with paper
- tapping your feet on the floor
NERVOUS HABITS Don't be inconsiderate.
- do not leave before meeting is over
- listen to the whole presentation ATTEND ENTIRE MEETING QUESTIONS Keep questions short.
- don't ask a question someone already has
- ask one at a time

Don't do anything that will make you, or the people around you, feel awkward. TIP http://www.chatgrispress.com/Articles/Business/11_Commandments_for_Bus_Meet_Etiquette.pdf

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