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sports events and the people involved in planning and deliv

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Hayden Daniells

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of sports events and the people involved in planning and deliv

Finance officer
training camps
what is this event?
Types of Sports Events and Roles of Teams
Sports events and the people involved in planning and delivering them.
Events People involved
Sponsored event
Roles and responsibilities or a finance officer
Training camps
Sponsored events
financial officer
Publicity officer
What is this event?
A competition in sport is when you have more than one competitor/team all competing for one goal/prize. A famous sports example of a competition is the rugby Six Nations, this is when the international rugby union teams from; England, Wales, Scotland, France, Italy and Ireland. this competition involves these teams competing for a trophy at the which goes to the winner.
The purpose of the event
Competition in sport is their for a variety of purposes. These purposes include; to create a competitive environment in which participants will improve due to the environment, to aid the development of the sport, to increase the sports popularity due to increased publicity and to establish who is the best in that sport.
Who participates in competitions
Who participates in competitions depends on what the competition is. This is because their is such a variety of them, this can vary from the retired population competing in bowels competitions to elite athletes competing international and children participating in sports such as mini rugby festivals.
A training camp is a chosen place where a team or an athlete will often stay for a period of time (they often live at the camp) where they will spend their time training. Training camps are often in the pre-season for the chosen sport. this is so the athletes will be at their maximal physical fitness at the start of the season.
The purpose of the event
The main purpose of a training camp is to get athletes to their peek physical fitness at the end of pre-season and before the start of the competitive season. they are often used if their is a specific competition where the climate is very different to the climate they often play in. for example England football team will use a training camp in a very hot climate when they are preparing for the world cup in Dubai.
Who participates in training camps?
Training camps are often only used by elite athletes due to the cost. However they can also be used at other levels of sport to improve performance and make money for the provider. an example of how they cn be used at lower level sport is the Leister Tigers rugby summer camp which is aimed at mini and youth rugby at club level.
what is this event?
A sponsored even is an event which is used to either promote charity/publicize a charity and to raise money for the charity. Sponsored events can take in lots of different forms, from climbing mountains to fun runs.
The purpose of the event
Sponsored events make money by people/companies sponsoring the participants money which is then donated to the charity on question.
Who participates in sponsored event?
All sorts of people take part in sponsored events, this is because they are often open for anyone to enter in. This means that they can make as much sponsorship as possible due to the fact that they will have the most participants if they open it up for everyone.
The roles and responsibilities of a chairperson
The main role of a chairperson is to overlook everything to do with the event and the team organizing and running the event. This doesn't mean that they are in charge of doing everything but they are in charge of making sure that everything does get done. One of the other roles and responsibilities of a chairperson is to take the responsibility of making the final big decision. This also means that the main responsibility of the whole event is theirs.
The roles and responsibilities of a finance officer are to take care of the money to do with the event. This means that they have to do a number of things, for example;
Make sure that if their are any wages needing to be payed that they are payed on time and the right amount is payed.
They also have to make sure that if their are other contractors needing to be payed that also happens.
Keep an overview of all purchases.
Ensure that everything stays on or under budget.
Maintain all accounts.
Publicity officer
Roles and responsibilities or a publicity officer
The roles and responsibilities of a publicity officer mainly are to insure that the event gets enough publicity for it to be a success. It is also important that the publicity officer raises the profile of the event. This means that they have to take control of all the advertising to do with the event. This will include;
To ensure that their is a strong link with the media/local media and the event.
To make sure that the event has a website and that it is kept well maintained and factual.
To create programs for the event.
Make sure that their is a newsletter for the event if needed.
Roles and responsibilities or a secretary
The roles and responsibilities of a secretary is mainly to take care of all of the administration to do with the event. They also have to make sure that the team is running the event is organized. Their responsibilities also include;
Prepare agendas with the chairman regarding any meetings that take place.
Take the minutes for the meetings.
Deal with any booking that need to be done.
These roles and responsibilities are essential when it comes to the running of the event because without a chairperson the individual people in the team might do their own individual roles but they wont come together as one. Without a chair person their would not be anyone tacking charge of the whole event.
The chairman is crucial for the whole event coming together at the same time because they are in charge of the organization of everything. This means without them everything wont come together.
The finance officer is also a crucial part of the running of the event because without a finance officer the event will end up getting into financial trouble. For example they will not be able carry on with the event because they have spent all of the money and not looked after the events accounts.
Having a financial officer makes the rest of the team able to do their jobs properly because they are able to know how much money they are able to spend to do their jobs properly.
A publicity officer is crucial part of the running of the event successfully because this will ensure that as many people will know about the event as possible. For example if you are running a charity event you will be able to collect the most sponsorship meaning that the event will be more successful.
A publicity officers job links with all of the rest of the team because having a publicity officer means that the interest in the event will be greater. This means that they will be able to run the event on a bigger and more successful scale.
It is essential to have a secretary as part of the team because without one the team will not all come together at pre-planned meetings. This will mean that they will not be able to talk over individual decisions which will result in people working individually. This will mean that the chance with any end result will be slim but the chance of their being an end result which is fully co-ordinate is very slim.
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