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isuru ilangakoon

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Internship Final Presentation Company Profile East-West Information System Subsidiaries • EWIS Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. (EWISS) • EWIS Systems (Pvt) Ltd. • Toppan Forms Colombo (Pvt) Ltd. (TFC) • EWIS Career Training Center (Pvt) Ltd. • EWIS Peripherals (Pvt) Ltd. • EWIS Software (Pvt) Ltd. • EWIS Systems Integrators (Pvt) Ltd • Wishya Online (Pvt) Ltd. • Wishya Computers (Pvt) Ltd • Open Systems Technologies Ltd • EWIS Services (Pvt) Ltd. • EWIS R&D Alliances Industries Financial Services Telecommunication Government Sector Travel & Transportation Retail/ Manufacturing Hospitality Education Healthcare Utilities Management Structure Industrial Training
Experience Projects - MSD Project PRONTO ERP System Scope of PRONTO-Xi Modules in MSD ERP System •Inventory
•Inventory QA
•Warehouse Management
•Sales Orders
•Purchase Orders
•Accounts Payble
•Account Receivable
•General Ledger
•Fixed Assets
•Forecasted Requirement
•Revision of Formulary
My Contribution - Revision Of Formulary
- DRA Integration
- Sales Orders
- General Ledger
- Purchase Orders
- QA Analyzing Experiences Gained - Team Work
- How to Handle Deadlines
- Knowledge in ERP systems
- PRONTO-Xi developments
Difficulties Faced - Lack of knowledge in ERP systems
- Lack of knowledge in 4GL languages
- Difficulties in identifying database structure
- Executing test cases
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