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Modern Day Connections in Othello

No description

Gerald Larry

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Modern Day Connections in Othello

Modern Day Connections in Othello
By:Gerald Larry
Connection Through Dealing with Doubt
-Another main connection that is seen through both everyday life and the story of Othello would be the incapable ability to address the realities of insecurity and doubt.Othello himself couldn't even address his thought that Desdemona would prefer an Italian husband,which lead to him becoming jealous and later cause them to break up tragically.
Connection Through Jealousy
-Another modern connection expressed in the story of Othello is the modern connection of jealousy.Jealousy is a connection from Othello because almost every character experiences the feeling of jealousy.For example, Iago was jealous of Cassio because he was chosen by Othello as the new lieutenant. This situation can be connected to the modern day because many people still today experience jealousy when someone else is chosen over them or promoted to do a task.
Connection Through Revenge
-Another main connection expressed in the story is the will to get revenge on your enemies.Iago wanted revenge on Othello for giving the job Iago wanted to Cassio.Iago did this by lying on the relationship between Cassio and Desdemona;causing Othello to believe Desdemona was cheating on him.This situation relates to the modern day because many people still today get revenge on each other for the wrongs people have done to them.One main example of revenge in the modern day would be gang retaliation.
Connections through Relationships
-Modern day relationships show connections from the story of Othello because still even in modern times there are abusive relationships such as the relationship of Desdemona.In the past years there have been many abusive relationships like Desdemona's relationship.Another relationship connection in modern relationships and Othello would be the fact that interracial relationships are still seen sometimes as a abomination.Its safe to say that one main reason why Othello was treated as an outsider would be the fact that Othello was black and dated a white women.
Connections through Racism
-Racism is one connection from the story of Othello because still in today's society race plays a very important part on how people treat other people.An example of a racism in the story of Othello would be the fact that everybody didn't refer to Othello by his name;instead they referred to him as "The Moor".Some more evidence of racism in the story of Othello would be the part of the story where Iago informs Brabantio of Othello and Desdemona's relationship.Iago referred to Othello's relationship as "an old black ram is tupping your white eweâ".This statement is racist because Iago uses sexual imagery to highlight the fact that Othello is of a different race and color.
Connection through Manipulation
-There is a huge modern day connection through the use of manipulation in the story of Othello.In the story Iago used his skills to manipulate people so he could achieve the rank of his rival,Cassio.This is connected to modern day because people still today use manipulation,whether they know it or not,to achieve in life by lying.Its true everybody has told at least one white lie to get through a difficult situation.
Connection through Reputation
-In the story of Othello there is a modern day connection through reputation.Reputation is a factor in the story because Iago's reputation is that he is honest although no one knows that he is about to pull the biggest betray everybody.Reputation in the story is connected to modern day because people still use their reputation to fool everybody into believing they are honest, as what Iago did to everybody.
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