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Baseerah International Scool

No description

Raaed Kabir

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Baseerah International Scool

Baseerah International Scool
There is no school without report cards!!!
What do you think about this school...?
Let's see a little about Baseerah
Assalamu 'alaikim
This is my school, Baseerah International School
It is a school which I will never forget
Baseerah follow Cambridge examinations
We don't only study
We also have many perfomances and presentations like...
But wait...
When there are competitions....
Isn't this a great school??
But none of this would have been possible without the
Some people enjoy this day
While others are scared to see
their marks
How about
We also attain advice, do Du'as, Pray, and many other things...
Grade 10
My brother:
In Grade 2B...
and my Hamster!
There are always....
Now Sit back
and enjoy the PREZI!
We go on many field trips
KL Bird Park Trip
Sports Day 2012
Islamic Arts Trip
Jadi Batek Gallery Trip
Kidzania Trip
Secondary team
Primary Team
Morning Dua'a
This isn't a school just because it teaches us things...
It is a school
it helps and teaches us about our religion
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