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The Red Cross

No description

Brandon Molloy

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of The Red Cross

The Red Cross By: Brandon Cahill and Brandon Molloy What is the Red Cross The Red Cross is a Canadian organization with a mission to help improve the lives of people by using the power of humanity to help people in Canada and around the world. What the Red Cross does to ensure that they are able to help with disasters is by creating various programs like Homecare services and Disaster management to make sure that people will get the care that they need What the Red Cross does The Red Cross Symbol The red cross on a white background is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. This symbol was chosen because it represents protection and neutrality, also military medical services and special programs that keep the Red Cross connected to its humanitarian activities. History The red cross was founded by a swiss man by the name of Henry Dunant. He thought of the idea when he witnessed the suffering on the italian battlefield in 1859. Programs Among the programs that are supplied by the red cross, swimming and water safety is one of them. If you are a parent looking to enroll your child in swimming lessons, or just a teen looking to enroll yourself in these lessons the red cross lets you do so, and it also teaches you basic water safety, in case of a emergency situation. The Red Cross The red cross is a crucial component for your survival in a emergency situation. They provide food, shelter help you get back on your feet during a disaster situation. Homecare Services The Red Cross has set up homecare services in places like Ontario, New Brunswick, and even Nova Scotia to help people who can't live on their own. These programs help people with disabilties and the elderly by providing home support like cooking and medical services. Services The red cross also helps in giving blood. When people need blood for various medical reasons, the red cross helps people donate blood. Auxiliary To Government Around the world, there are over 185 countries that have a national red cross or red crescent society. Ready to help those in need of assistance after/during a disaster situation. Violence and Abuse Prevention Among the services that the Red Cross provides, violence and abuse is one of the major programs. The Red Cross helps prevent bullying, abuse and sexual exploitation. For over the curse of 25 years, the Red Cross has been helping prevent the painful cycle of hurt. First aid and CPR Among the programs that the red cross supplies, first aid and CPR. The Red Cross lets you practice hands on so you can have the most realistic experience available to practice the first aid and CPR course. First Aid Programs. The Red Cross offers two branches of first aid, the specialty first aid and advanced first aid courses. The RWTC Program The Ready When The Time Comes (RWTC) program is a program developed for volunteers of the Red Cross to develop partnerships with other organizations for when a disaster strikes. The program provides a way for the Red Cross and organizations in your communities by responding to the communities needs after a disaster. We can help the Red Cross by donating our time by participating in their programs. Volunteering is one way we can help because the heart of the Red Cross is the volunteers. Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back to your community by showing that you care and are determined to help. The Red Cross has many careers available in canada, overseas, and an international roster. The advanced course. This course teaches first responders to sustain life, prevent further injuries and the consequences of further injuries. The specialty Course This course is designed for people who care for infants and young children. It covers skills needed to recognize, prevent and respond to cardiovascular emergencies and CPR level B. It also includes other emergencies such as choking, clearing airways, breathing and disease transmission.
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