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Archetypes of Disney

No description

Keegan Ramsay

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Archetypes of Disney

Archetypes of Disney
Woody's Archetypes in Toy Story are how he can be the wise man, the explorer and hero.
Hero while trying to find Buzz and bring him home
He seems all knowing trying to teach Buzz that he isn't a toy and how to act
He goes out exploring the world beyond Andy's room after Buzz to try and find him
Throughout the movie he is portayed as the Innocent Archetype and also the explorer
He seems oblivious to the fact that he is a toy
He wants to go and explore the “new world” he's discovered to get back on his space mission
He doesn't make sound judgements because of his thinking he is more than just a toy
He can be seen as 2 different Archetypes; the Rebel and also the Ruler by:
His control over the toys
He doesn't a moral compass, made evident by his abuse of toys.
He uses his power over the toys to break the rules of normal kids and how they treat their toys.
Simba's Archetypes can be portrayed as the hero and explorer
He is the main hero that stops the bad guy Scar
He is an adventurous kid that goes into the elephant graveyard for fun
He also shows his adventurousness by running away young and growing up with Timon and Pumba
Rafiki is the Archetypes the sage and the magician:
Rafiki is a sage because he lets you find the truth yourself by pointing you in the direction
He uses nature on his side to help with the truth finding
He is a magician because when he seems to know everything about Simba and what he has to learn and the way magical things seemed to happen with the stars and nature
Scar is clearly shown as the Rebel and the Ruler Archetypes
Scar never liked his brother's rule and never followed his rules
He had his own gang of hyenas help plan out the murder of his brother
He then became a power hungry leader who always abused the power he shouldn't of had
Jafar's Archetypes in the movie are the Rebel, and the Ruler.
Jafar starts the movie as a rebel, being close to the king but not following his rules
He then ends up betraying said king
Then he becomes a ruler who's only desire is more power
The Archetypes that most closely relate to Genie are the Explorer, the Magician, and also the Jester
Genie was in a lamp for thousands of years and always wanted to explore and gets to in his own little magical ways.
He is the literal definition of a magician who can cast magic and is all knowing
He is the jester in the film always playing pranks with magic and cracking jokes at everyone else
The Archetypes of in this movie are the Regular guy, the Lover, and also the Hero
Aladdin starts as a normal guy in the streets but wanting to live in the palace
He becomes a lover with Jasmine the princess after meeting her with the genie's help
He is the hero that defeats Jafar in the end and knows there is always a way to overcome struggles
The character of Ariel portrays one main archetypes, the hero but can also be seen as the damsel in distress.
Ariel's heroic 'task' filled by bringing the two feuding communities together as one by becoming a human
She also takes on the task of making prince Eric fall in love with her
She takes the initiative needed to complete all of her tasks including giving up her voice and her fins.
she does whatever she can to possibly get Eric to love her, Ursula also takes Ariel for granted to which Sebastian and Flounder try their best to come to her rescue
Ursula can be easily seen as a character that portrays the multiple characteristics of the archetypal villain.
Uses Ariel as bait for King Triton to sell his soul so that she can get the trident and crown and rule the entire ocean.
Makes Ariel give up her own voice for legs, something she could have done without taking her voice but did it only for personal gain.
She is willing to put anybody in harm's way (even her little minions) if it means that she will end up getting what she wants.
Even after making Ariel give up her voice so that she could pursue Eric, Ursula made herself into a human so that she could make a pass at Eric to make sure that Ariel got no gains in the end, only multiple losses.
Sebastian the crab takes on the archetypal role of the wise old man and the sidekick.
He has been with Ariel's family for a long time and is trusted a lot by King Triton.
He accompanies Ariel on the majority of her tasks throughout the movie offering advice to her and always giving her his own personal input
When Ariel is doing something potentially dangerous he does everything in his power to make her change her mind.
Hercules takes on the role of the archetypal hero for multiple reasons.
He undergoes 'the task' which is his to become a true hero in order to regain his immortality.
His character grows morally stronger as he begins to see right from wrong in the "real world".
He eventually sees that self-sacrifice in order to protect somebody you love is the key to becoming the true hero.
He can easily be seen as the villain because he openly portrays the characteristics of the villain.
First off he's the god of the underworld which is pretty blunt evidence that he is the bad guy.
He is trying to get rid of Hercules so he consistently throws obstacles in his way during his multiple tasks.
He makes Hercules choose between Meg's life and his own in order to complete the tasks that he wouldn't even have to do if it weren't for Hades.
Philoctetes aka Phil
Phil takes on the archetypal role of the wise old man/the mentor.
Even though Hercules rejected him in the beginning, Phil stuck to it knowing that he would come to his senses in the end, never giving up on him.
He shows Hercules how to harness his own super strength and use it to complete his given tasks.
He lets Hercules in on everything he himself knows about being a true hero which makes him the mentor.
Ana shows many characteristics of being a true hero in the movie.
She is always searching for the greater good of things.
She is positive about all outcomes even if there was a negative beginning.
We see her grow from innocent and naive to a strong girl who knows how to stick up for what she loves.
She is willing to sacrifice herself for Elsa's safety against Prince Hans.
Prince Hans
Prince Hans is a power hungry prince which makes him the archetypal villain in this movie.
He tricks Anna into thinking he loves her but he really just wants to get through her to get Elsa's crown.
He tries to convince everybody he cares about the sisters but then as his plan carries on he turns the people of Arendelle against her and tries to get them to follow him instead.
He has multiple brothers that are before him and in line for his own family's thrown which is why he feels the need to be devious and lie to the two sisters in order to get his own thrown once and for all.
Olaf is a snowman the Elsa built but he can talk and can easily be seen as the wise man figure in the story.
He is always reminding everyone of the positive aspects of things, even when he is melting he lets Anna know that she is worth melting for as long as she is safe.
He keeps everyone's spirits up and is always coming up with different ideas for how Anna can get Elsa to unfreeze Arendelle.
He reminds Anna that true love is necessary no matter who it is with and that sometimes you need to make some kind of sacrifice in order for things to be good in the end.

Keegan Ramsay
Courtney Gillespie
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