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JLM's 90 years of Community Service & Projects

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Jen Trujillo

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of JLM's 90 years of Community Service & Projects

1920s & 1930s
JLM Proudly Celebrates 90 Years
of Projects and Community Service work in Our Community

M i n n e a p o l i s
Our first Project was also our first fundraiser, a Christmas Charity Ball held in December 1923, to provide Christmas presents for 200 children with the Children's Protective Services. An organization that the JLM supported financially and with volunteers for several years.

The JLM begins to finance the training and salary of a physiotherapist to care for post-polio patients at General Hospital. The rapid growth of this work results in the founding of the
Curative Workshop
six years later.
Children's Theater
project develops...brings JLM produced and performed plays into area schools. This project becomes JLM's longest running community service activity. Eventually productions are trouped out-state, workshops are held, and performances enjoyed by thousands of school children. During the depression, plays are brought to neighborhoods where children never see theater.
- Weighing a baby at the Minneapolis Junior League
Well Baby Clinic
“If you feel as I do, the invigorating pull of many intelligent and differing personalities, all bent on a common purpose of service and progress for the community, then you will agree our League has and is accomplishing its purpose.”

Louise Andrews, JLM President, 1943-44
Continuing their educational work in radio and now television. The JLM, jointly with the JL St. Paul produces a televised program for children's shows on Saturday mornings and viewed by 90,000 viewers each week.
The Junior League of Minneapolis

Proudly Presents
of Community Service & Projects
Lyceum Theatre
Raised $16,840.01
The Junior League of Minneapolis sprang from the desire of young women volunteers to learn more about and to be of further assistance to local welfare agencies.
1957-1958 Annual Report
Our First Project
An effort to help crippled children,
Curative Workshop
opens in 1931. In 1936 JLM renews its commitment by hiring a nurse to provide home visits and buys a new car for her use. JLM also updates and remodels the facility. Dowling School children get treatment during the summer. The Curative Workshop is taken over by the Hennepin County Community Chest and Council in 1943 after giving over $70k plus continuous volunteer hours.
A decade of many contributions
JLM joins in the formation of a Children's Hospital, and in 1954 votes to pledge $21,000 to the Free Bed Fund, payable over a three year period. However, the December 1954 Follies raises almost the total amount pledged, allowing the League to pay the total committed in the fiscal year. JLM then pledges an additional $20,000 for two play rooms.
The Puppetry Committee
provides shows to hospitals and schools. Highlights of this committee include: a special project with WCCO-TV which evolves in 1965-66. The League produces "Danger: Stranger!," a safety series alerting the public to the danger of children talking to strangers.
Operation Poison Proof
is a public education program. The educational TV Committee works with Poison Control, the Puppetry Committee and KTCA to present, "Patrick and the Poison Punk." In 1964-65, the project receives a merit award from the National Safety Council.
KSTP-TV was the exclusive NBC outlet in the Twin Cities

This is the year of big financial contributions to such groups as;
International Center

Curative Workshop
United Hospital Fund
Salary of a professional coordinator for services to the aging
Heart Hospital
becomes the League's new project. $5,000 is given to furnish a physiological laboratory and pay the salary of the medical social worker at the hospital for the next four years.

Cerebral Palsy Center
opens. This is a collaboration with the MN Society for Crippled Children and Adults and Curative Workshop to fund a preschool center. The JLM contributes $22,205 plus volunteers during its first four years. The Center then is incorporated into the Curative Workshop.
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts tour guiding program, staffed by JLM volunteers, is renamed Museum Docents. Turned over to
(Women in Service to Education) after 21 years as a JLM project.
1966 - Present
Junior League Chorus introduced and the name
League Aires
is adopted.They practiced four times per month and trouped for four months to local nursing homes. They are still performing today!
Efforts are put into media coverage of how to reduce juvenile delinquency and vandalism using billboards and TV spot ads.
The JLM makes a commitment to help fund and supply volunteers for "the City" which provides an alternative school program and recreation center in inner city Minneapolis.

Glen Lake County Home School Project
provides funds and volunteer training and service at the school. Develops from a year of League research with WCCO-TV which focused on juvenile delinquency.

Pharm House Project
is a commitment to a new and experimental treatment program for young, chemically dependant people. JLM volunteers provide drug education and outreach
The need for political lobbying becomes evident as the League looks to be a more responsible, flexible organization with great influence to effect change: thus, the
Public Affairs Committee
is created.
The beginning of
Washburn Child Guidance Center asks for volunteers to be trained to work directly with children with special learning difficulties and with the parents.
Senior Citizens Project
works with the Minneapolis Age and Opportunity Center whose aim is to combine health and social supportive services for Senior Citizens.
The Group Home of the City, Inc
, for troubled teens provides mentoring and social activities. The JLM helps establish and renovate this group home in an effort to be a true model of community-based corrections.
Bucket Brigade
develops a tutoring program geared for lower primary grades that is run by trained volunteers in close cooperation with teachers to help in early recognition and remediation of learning problems.
The League spent years researching how to reduce child abuse and neglect, and increasing public awareness of the issue. JLM partnered with the National Council of Jewish Women, B'nai B'irth Women, Southside Nurturing Center and several other organizations to establish the first crisis nursery in the state, now known as the
Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery
. It opened its doors on May 1, 1983 and celebrated it's 30th Anniversary in 2013.
Community Line offers a telephone referral service for help with housing, parenting and day care problems. The JLM provided countless volunteers. Eventually this service is renamed
First Call for Help
Restoration of
John H. Stevens House
in coalition with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Minnesota State Historical Society is undertaken. A grand opening is held July 28, 1985. Volunteers put in
20,000 hours
that year to ensure the opening. It receives the Barbara Flanagan CUE Award.
The Women in Leadership Project
becomes an entire program of courses addressing leadership issues and a ten-week series called Conversation with Women Leaders. It's collaborative partner is the Huber H. Humphrey Institute for Public Affairs.
Arts in Education
works with the Guthrie Theater to provide art education and enrichment utilizing exposure of theater to school groups.
Success By 6
was first created in Minneapolis in 1989 as a collaborative community initiative to focus attention and take action on strategies to help all children achieve healthy early development. It included partners representing key sectors of the community including United Way, corporations, schools, government, service organizations and others.
From a focus group, in collaboration with the JLM St. Paul and the Children's Home Society of MN.
Too Early Pregnancy
works to provide advocacy and teenage pregnancy prevention in the schools and community. In 1988, with financial assistance of a grant, a teen video "
Too Far Too Fast
" was created.
Teen Outreach
(a national replication project), in collaboration with the Minneapolis Public Schools, to increase the graduation rates through a curriculum-based program of improving self-confidence, decision-making skills and making responsible choices, as well as volunteer experience. This program transitioned to Family and Children's Services.
3 R's; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
is an environmental education project implemented through the public school system and utilizing a creative problem -solving curriculum.
Success & Me
- provided a science based enrichment curriculum in the Minneapolis learning centers for preschoolers who are at-risk due to social and family problems. Focuses on enhancoping their social skills, science knowledge and school readiness. This transitioned to Breck School.
, in conjunction with the MN Humanities Commission, builds communication and enjoyment of reading between parents and children through the power of children's literature.
Violence Against Women Coalition
works on lobbying efforts to stop violence against women. Through public events, it helps raise awareness of the issues surrounding rape, assault, battering and sexual harassment.
Youth Services Collaboration
brings many agencies and partners to the table to work with middle school children and their families.
Bright Beginnings
helps teenage mothers provide their infants with a healthy and nurturing start in life. It is transitioned to North Memorial Medical Center and Seton Services.
Project Break-Through
in partnership with the Salvation Army, offers low-income families a chance to break the cycle of poverty. Volunteer counselors help families develop goals to become more self-sufficient. The program trained 280 "mentors to self-sufficiency" and is a model for the US, Canada and New Zealand.
1991- Present
Helping Hands
brings as an answer to short term community request while providing flexible volunteer opportunities for JLM members.
JLM helps recruit and coordinate hundreds of volunteers needed for the International Special Olympics
Free Arts for Abused Children of Minnesota
brings the healing power of creative arts activities such as music, dance and painting to young victims of abuse or neglect and their families.
The Jeremiah Project,
a collaboration from

key sectors of business, education, government, congregations of faith and philanthropy is launched to implement a life skills program that helps single mothers and their children grow and learn to their full potential. It is now a nationally recognized nonprofit organization using a proven, holistic approach to transform families from poverty to prosperity two generations at a time.
Adopt a Child Care Challenge
secures and donates 75,000 items to assist the start-up of new in-home child care providers. This welfare to work initiative is the JLM's 75th anniversary gift to the community.
JLM members serve as workshop leaders, teaching an established life skills curriculum to young mothers enrolled in the Division of Indian Work's Teen Parents Program.
Originally called
Leader Within
, a development program for girls ages 13-18 ends its six-year lifespan called
3D:Dine, Dish, Discover
. Pairing JLM members with young girls, the curriculum covers team building, leadership, creativity and group process skills.
The JLM begins partnering with The Wallin Foundation, instituted in 1991 by Maxine and Winston Wallin to encourage and support girls in Minneapolis public high schools who might otherwise not attend or graduate from college. Through Wallin, JLM offers a scholarship each year to a high school senior who exhibits both academic and volunteer excellence. The scholarship continues for each year of attendance at a Minnesota college or university.
Books 4 Kids
collected and distributed over 250,000 new and gently used books to inner-city Minneapolis children. This project rolled off to Read Indeed, which also shares the JLM’s commitment to improving childhood literacy and recognizes the importance that reading has on academic achievement.
Backpack Buddie
s aims to reduce the effects of childhood hunger by providing food over the weekend to children in food-insecure homes, bridging the gap between Friday and Monday when food may not be available. Now in its fifth year, packing 385 backpacks per week, we serve students in grades 1-5 at Andersen United Community School in south Minneapolis.

2009- present
Between the Lines
strengthens the bond between a child and their parent during a lengthy separation. Between the Lines offers parents an opportunity to connect with their children through a literary experience. Now in its fifth year, BTL has made an impact on over 400 children.
engages and equips parents with ways to continue Math, Engineering and Science activities through hands-on projects in their homes. H.O.M.E.S. partners with Minneapolis Public Schools' GEMS & GISE program and Partnership Academy in Richfield.
1983 - 1989
Children's Cancer, awareness, research and education was formed through the collaborative efforts of the JLM, Children’s Cancer Research Fund and University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital to provide assistance to the families involved with a child undergoing treatment for cancer at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital.

Today this program is called Care Partners and is a Children's Cancer Research Fund Program. In calendar year 2013, volunteers provided more than 5800 hours of support to patients and families by providing breaks for caregivers, spending time with patients and siblings, assisting with special projects and family needs and running the Care Partners Book Cart Program.

2006-2007 Wallin Scholarship recipient
and Tara Sullivan, Sustainer
In the fall of 2011 the JLM membership voted to become an issue based League and focus it’s community efforts on strategies to close the achievement gap.
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