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Tran Quyen

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Alcohol

What is Alcohol?
Alcohol is a drug( ethyl alcohol is used in beverages, ethanol, derives from fermenting sugar with yeast).
Alcohol is a depressant: a depressant slows down vital functions.
Alcohol reduces a person's ability to think rationally, distorting judgement.
How many people are affected by Alcohol?
About 2 billion people worldwide consume alcoholic drinks.
Over 76 million people are affected by alcohol use disorders, such as alcohol dependence and abuse.
How does Alcohol affect the body?
Alcohol causes 1.8 million death a year which represent 3.2% of all deaths world wide.
Changes to the Brain:
Pathways and connections necessary for learning may be permanently damaged.
Thought processes are disorganized, and memory and concentration are dulled.
Judgment and control:
Judgment is altered and coordination is impaired. Movement, speech, and vision may be affected.
Risk of stroke
: Alcohol use may increase risk of stroke in young people.
Cardiovascular changes
Small amounts of alcohol can increase the heart rate and blood pressure.
High levels of alcohol have the opposite effect, decreasing heart rate and blood pressure
If you drink too much alcohol, you may vomit because alcohol is toxic.

Liver Problems:
Toxic chemicals are released as the liver metabolizes alcohol. These chemical can cause liver cancer which weakens the liver's ability to clot and keep our blood free from poisons and bacteria.
Reproductive system:
Drinking alcohol can cause painful periods, discomfort before your period, also irregular period( not getting your period when you're supposed to).

Besides, drinking too much alcohol can raise the risk of getting sexually assaulted and having unsafe sex.
Alcohol History of issue
What type of people it affect?
People are most likely depression, these type of people often suffer from alcohol problems in combination with depression.
How it affects each person?
Alcoholics cause families pain and misery, also your body will lost control and you won't remember anything happen since then.
Alcohol's impact on society
Alcohol is a factor in family conflict, child abuse, absenteeism from work and violent crime including murder.
Alcohol also cause many traffic accidents.
The discovery of Late Stone Age beer jugs has established the fact that fermented beverages exist at early Neolithic period (c. 10,000 BC) - During Ancient period.
Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among U.S. teenagers---->
are causing by drinking.
During the Ancient period, the alcohol beverages was made from Honey and Berries
4 teenagers die everyday due to drunk driving accidents
Alcohol has been used by humans for thousand of years
How do we manage it?
Don't Drink
Call a cab
Only allow teenagers above18 years old and people who are not in depression to buy alcohol's drinks legally.
Create environments that empower and encourage young people not to drink or using alcohol
Plan ahead
Have someone pick you up
Identify types of alcohol disorders and other drugs abuse as early as possible to prefer intervention, referral and treatment.




1. How many people have been affected by alcohol? Give 3 details about it.

2. How does alcohol affected your body, name 2 different ways alcohol can affect your body?

3. What type of people does alcohol affected t most?

4. Which period does alcohol first exist?

5. Why people who are depression not allowed using alcohol?

6. Name 2 ways that we can manage to prevent and reduce alcohol accident

7. Why only allow teenagers above 18 years old to buy alcohol legally?

8. What was the Alcohol made from during the Ancient period?

9. Alcohol can cause traffic accident? True or False, If true then how many percent does it cost in the USA?
10. How will you react when your friend ask you to drink alcohol with them?

1. About 2 billion people on over the world, over 76 million people are affected by alcohol use disorder, including dependence and abuse. Alcohol causes 1.8 million death ayear which equal 3.2% of the world.
2. Cardiovascular changes
Heart: Small amounts of alcohol can increase the heart rate and blood pressure in your body

If you drink too much alcohol, you will vomit because alcohol contains toxic.

3. People who are in depression mode are likely to be affected by alcohol
4. Neolithic period
5. Student Opinion
6. 1/ Only allow teenagers above 18 years old or people who are not in depression mode to buy alcohol legally

2/Create an environment that empowers and encourages people to not drink or use alcohol.
7. Student Opinion
8. Berries and Honeys
9. True, 31%
10. Student Opinion
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