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World Wildlife Fund: Awareness Through Social Networking

No description

Aaron Candelaria

on 21 June 2010

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Transcript of World Wildlife Fund: Awareness Through Social Networking

World Wildlife Fund: Awareness Through Social Networking About the World Wildlife Fund

1.2 million members in the United States; 5 million globally Their 3 main goals: 1. Protecting natural areas
and wild populations of plants
and animals
2. Promoting sustainability 3. Reducing pollution and promoting more efficient uses of resources and energy
Problems Many misconceptions
Others have not heard of the organization
Currently social networking sites are not being used to their full potential

Twitter and Facebook have emerged as
valuable tool for non-profit organizations Problems Solutions Confusing; different
kinds of pages
Not asking for new members
Do not give "friends" the
opportunity to make a quick
Hub page for Twitter and Facebook
Constant maintenance of the Pages
Get "friends" involved and talking
Donor button
Create buzz on Youtube

Hub Page for Twitter and Facebook Social Networking Facebook alone has 400 million users Obama campaign Donor Button People feel that they are more involved in the organization People will not feel obligated
to give more than they can or want Small donations will add up Create buzz on Youtube Create videos
- Employees
- Current Advocacies
- Volunteers
Videos can be linked to Facebook and Twitter Post all archived commercials A hub will give friends and visitors a central location to go to for information A main page that can clearly be identified as being from WWF will add credibility to what is posted Organization of all the pages will help the organization and members to keep track Current pages are confusing, frustrating Word of mouth Allow audiences to interact Get "Friends" Involved and Talking Constant Maintenance of the Pages "Friends" and followers will be in the know Information will be posted straight from the organization People will be educated Information will be posted that will interest others to become involved in the organization
Interaction with friends will pull them closer to the organization Today's Social Network Users are Tomorrow's Donors!
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